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    Hello All,
    Here is a list of all current "We The People" petitions pertaining to cannabis legalization (In no particular order). Please take a moment to sign them if you agree with them. If an admin would be willing to make a sticky out of this I will volunteer to update it once a week. It only takes a minute of your time guys- and could give the movement the political ammo we need.

    Active (Expires 12/24) (Expires 12/20- I think this would be a good one to look at, I would advocate to everyone signing this one- it focuses on hard facts) (Expires tomorrow) (Expires day after tomorrow) (Expires tomorrow)


    Now, here is how you sign them all really fast:

    Step 1: Sign into "We The People"
    Step 2: Come back here.
    Step 3: Right Click on each of the links above and chose "Open in new tab"
    Step 4: Once you have a tab for each- click on the first, look at it. Sign if you agree, close it, the next one should not be the active tab.
    Step 5: Repeat

    Literally took me like 2 minutes to sign all of them.
  2. Guys, sign this one too- ASAP! Only 3,245 signature needed by TOMORROW.

    Tell Your Friends!

    Remember the theme here. This may very well be a political tool being used by the administration to create the illusion of reception. That may be the case, that does not mean we cannot use it to our advantage- but we have to play our cards right. Politics is a game.

    3245 signature by tomorrow to get them to acknowledge it.

  3. Hey, I just checked it again for kicks- already down to 3,195 needed!! Within a few minutes!
  4. They don't give a shit, why bother?

    Over 70,000 petition signatures for the marijuana one, and they brushed it off like we're a bunch if stupid cunts that they don't care about.
  5. HTML:
    If you don't like it then don't sign it. Simple. But what is the point in coming here and trying to discourage others from participating in grassroots democracy.

    Stop wasting our time with your pointless trolling. If you don't like the process- don't participate or do something to change it. But stop bitching.
  6. Trolling? I'm not trolling... How is telling the FUCKING truth trolling?

    I hate people like you. You'll call anything trolling won't you?

    If you don't want adverse opinions then stay off the internet.
  7. You don't know me buddy :)

    If you want to contribute something useful to this discussion then I'll talk to you. I am a little sick and tired of coming here, trying to encourage people to use the political system to achieve their goals only to be met with people bitching about the process with statements like "Why Bother". Please consider this perspective:

    Do you have any idea whatsoever why they do not care about you? Any idea? Its because you have given up and wont assert yourself. Why do you think it is that Medicare gets so much funding each year yet colleges get raped? Its because the senior demographic VOTES! The college age demographic does not vote as much proportionally speaking. You have been stereotyped by the statistics. Do they care about you? Probably not! Why? Because they assume that they can do whatever they want and you will do nothing about it. Politicians are not afraid of one petition. They are not afraid of one phone call or letter. They are DEATHLY afraid of anything that threatens their reelection potential- which is all based on image. I have learned this from the politicians themselves.

    You starting to catch my drift? So before you run off hating me- why not consider who is trying to help YOUR cause.

    You are welcome to join this movement. We need you, but we do not need people who just want to sit idly by and complain. These petitions may do nothing. An individual letter may do nothing. That is not the point. The point is we are building a case. Political ammo so to speak. This is going to take time. Perhaps years. But whining about how the mean old government does not care about you is not going to help. In fact it will exacerbate the very problems you are complaining about. Personally, I think the number of outstanding responses is a good sign- they are feeling the pressure. Each response that is clearly BS is a win in our favor. Why? Because when election time comes around we can call them out on it.

    I do want to apologize for accusing you of trolling and lashing out disrespectfully. You did have a legitimate question and I guess I lashed out because of my own frustration with the complaining I have read. That was nothing personal on you. You had a very legit question. But I caution you to consider whether your claims are really "the truth" or simply "current circumstance" which can be changed with appropriate action.

    Either way, thank you for participating in the discussion.
  8. I started a google group for this. Anyone who is on board with what we are trying to do- please join up. We are going to start another petition of our own. I hope to team up with NORML and Americans for Safe Access.

    We are in a very unique position in legislative history here. Lets not stop now. For the first time in history- people wanting legalization ARE the majority!

    Google Groups

    We need people.
  9. 2,815 left needed to sign- spread the word.

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