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Current stash, 5 strains. oil. leif (pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kulikowski, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Here if got my kind stack loaded with 5 strains, some whipped BHO, and my recently started keif collection. Will be picking up some purp and adding a pic of that later, also will post purp BHO pics. I am about to leave for the gym so ill do individual strain pics if requested.


    Keif from last 4 days

    BHO from FL mango

  2. If requested?! Pffdtt....of course!
  3. i would fuck that oil with my penis
  4. I thought I had more buds lol, guess I smoked em. Anyways, I got plenty o purp for now. Sorry for the pics, my cameras broke and using my phone :/ Oh, but got a little HiSi milk attatched. :smoke:

    Same oil from mango, and new oil from purp (dude said gdp but not sure).
    Ice on left, King Tut OG on right

    new purp


    no name fire

    [ame=]HiSi Single U-Perc - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Comeon guys, stop doing that. I am jealous, I have no weed :/
  6. I have so much weed right now its great, I got up this mornin at 11 smoked a bowl and just went back to bed :smoke: Ill smoke extra for you Lavions
  7. I wish I could get my dad's SLR to take some good fucking macros. Idk what im doing wrong but when I try to get macro shots everything is blurry as fuck. I am thinking its the lack of a macro lens

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