current outdoor grow (2x rockstar kush? & 1x unknown)

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    So Ive been using advanced nutrients grow and bloom, plus engys f1, pirhana and carboload through the whole grow, bud blood first week of bloom, big bud first half of flowering, overdrive last 2-3 weeks. And also bcuzz grow stimulator and then bloom stimulator.

    Cannot remember how long they've been out but earlyyyy in the season and already as large clones.

    On the side I now I have 2 LA confidential seeds germinating, first 48 hours and both have sprouted significantly (thank you DNA genetics)

    Pics are pretty explanatory, unknown is predominately indica with massive fan leaves. Whereas rs has pretty big leaves but is a lot more airy.
    The 3rd last pic is the little angry tomboy plant spayed after suffering through a torrential downpour. While it seems removing the 4 hermed shoots has rendered this female completely normal again I'm still relatively worrisome and won't let it come in during the rain with the other girls :p surprisingly now that one seems to be accumulating amber hairs first.

    Will have pics up in a few min, doing it from mobile phone = no fun.

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  2. Pic order

    Rs1, Rs1, Mu1, Mu1 (does have a name but since it isn't on Google I'm going to assume it is a hybrid and someone made up the name), Rs2 (one that Hermed a lil a week ago), Rs2 and banana tree lmao

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  3. Lookin good bro. :)

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