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  1. Hi people

    My first post on here.. I read a lot but never contribute so I thought I'd do my part!

    My current grow consists of 3 strawberry cheesecakes 4 afghani (regulars) 1 dr krippling incredible bulk and 2 bubbas gift.

    Now I'm quite well into this current project with flipping them to flower today. Iv just switched on to 2 600watt hps and all plants have been FIMed and had LST tie downs to my pots.


    The front 4 are the cheesecakes and the bulk which I think are coming on very well. With the bubbas gifts looking a bit on small side. Some nice afghans but may have to put a couple down very soon.

    I will keep this post updated!

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  2. Cool, looks really good. Some nice fat healthy looking plants.
  3. Very nice, what are you growing in?

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  4. Soil grow using full canna range


    I have found some earlier piccys from 2 weeks ago

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