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    im currently just starting to grow. are the rummors about growing pot true to the simuliarities of tomatos. im growin in my closet just because i really have no where else at the moment to grow. for lighting im using a single bulbed halogen light. the light has two setting dim and bright. i also have a humidifer and a 10" fan what should i do to change my room for the best.

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    Don't use halogen lights, they get too hot, and have the wrong light spectrum.

    Instead you may use: CFLs (Compact Florescent Lights)
    Mh (Metal Halide) or
    HPS (High Pressure Sodium)
  3. Yep first thing don't use Halogen it plain won't work for what you want it to do. 2nd you probably won't need a humidifier as they plants will create humidity from transpiration and water evaporation from medium. I would hold off on the humidifier unless they are drying out / burning because it will increase the chance of mildew or mold if over 40% in flower or over 60% in veg.
  4. cool and im running the humidifier once a week due to me living in the basement and theres no air circulation at all other then my fans. is the halogen a good temp light for another week so i cna get the money saved for my lights and im doing this with a very small budget so every things going to be from lowes and walmart and suggestions there

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