Current fitness goals?

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  1. Simple as that, what are you currently striving for?
    I'm currently on that bulk though, started around late November/early December and it's been going well... goal is 200 pounds as of now and for the longest time I was stuck under 180 and I'm nearly at 190 so far so it's gone well :)

  2. All about dat dere bulk life. I'm also bulking, competing in June for a powerlifting meet and I may compete in November for bodybuilding/physique .
  3. Just trying not to die in the short run.

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  4. Aesthetics, looks okay overall but I need some more gains to make heads turn. Also gotta cut the fat.
  5. Currently 208ish pretty cut, bench 205, curl 50, skull crush 85. Would like to hit a cut 225 and increase my chest and triceps. Shoulders and bis and back coming along nicely, just my chest and tris that are with the slow gains...
  6. I'm bulking right now. I want to be under 10% bf by June. I'm also looking to run a half marathon, possibly a full towards the end of the year.

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  7. i want to C/J 120% of body weight (same for front squats and bench press)
    and snatch 100% 
    deadlift 200% (already have this)
  8. My goal is to not be a fat sick mess when im old really so i hit the weights for that reason mostly

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  9. Im currently on a slow bulk, trying to increase my lean muscle mass slowly and steadily. Currently 6'3 and 175 lbs.Big 3 lifts are 245X5 Squat, Bench 165 x 5, Deadlift 365x5.
    I have never maxed out on squats and am confident that I can rep out more weight if I try.
    I know my bench is weak as shit compared to my other lifts but due to my long ass arms my ROM is stupidly far which makes it much harder to put up impressive numbers (not that I really care as my chest looks big).
    Deadlifts are simply my favourite exercise I plan on hitting 4 plates by the end of the semester, last week I did one rep at 385 so I am getting close. 
  10. Just to stay disciplined despite an unpredictable work schedule and keep lifting, running, and cooking food.
    Measurable progress from one workout to the next; more reps or more weight, a faster run or a longer run,
    Nutritionwise, at least one hearty serving of vegetables per day, no more than 3 fast-food burgers in a week.
  11. im trying to gain 10 lbs within the next month.
    its hard to do when you do kickboxing and karate.
  12. Get my diet and routine going and actually stick to it.

    Other goals come after

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    Overhead press 225 pounds, at 205 body weight. Currently at 205lbs (bw ohp).
  14. I just want to be fit and healthy. That's my life goal. What I lift and how much I weigh is irrelevant but it is nice being in shape haha
  15. Lose a bit of fat and tone up. I can't go hardcore though. Apparently I don't have the willpower. Today I did Pilates. And now I'm eating cake lol. Oh well. But to be fair it's really fucking good cake.
  16. 20 yr old male, started at 260 lbs after a month down to 245.  I'm a tad over 6 ft tall so my goal weight is 210.  I'm a relatively strong guy as I have been lifting for about 4 years now, I'm not a powerlifter or body builder but I do alright with the weights.  The main problem for me has always been my diet and lack of cardio workouts.  I bought a treadmill last month and that really helped.  I feel so much better already and have seen improvements in my body and physical fitness. 
  17. Just joined a gym last week and want to gain like 20-25 lbs.

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  18. Gotta get rid of this gut. I'm looking for the flat stomach and toned arms for now. Then after that would like to shoot for a six pack. To be honest, I think I'm too lazy to ever hit a six pack and I might be okay with that. We'll see as life goes on.
  19. I plan to run my first 5K in May. I currently run 2 miles at the gym and stop there. Partly due to time since I typically work out before work and partly because I just don't feel like running further.

    I am awaiting warmer temperatures to run outside. A few months ago I ran 5 miles at a pace of around 11:30 a mile, which isn't too terrible. I run faster on the treadmill. 

    A few years ago I never thought I'd call myself a "runner".
  20. Right on man keep up the good work, sounds like some pretty good progress. Currently I am 6'3 140 pounds with 7% body fat, which is a pretty large improvement considering I was about 6 feet tall and 124 pounds a little bit more than a year ago. 
    I am currently not on a workout schedule but I will be after getting a vehicle so then I can drive myself to the gym instead of relying on friends and family, it has been my goal for about 6 months or more to reach a weight of 180 with a moderately easy maintainable body fat percentage of 10%. It has been a desire of mine to start competing but I wont know for sure until I begin to really take things seriously, until then I am going to construct a routine and a diet that will work best for what I want right now.

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