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    In 2005, an Officer in New Orleans beat a man that was unarmed and not dangerous what so ever. The man, Davis, who was sixty-four years of age at the time, does not remember the incident. He asked a mounted police offer about the city’s curfew and walked away after. Shortly after this the man was sucker punched by another officer. They said the man had been drinking, but Davis denied this, claiming he does not drink. The officer lost his job, but was recently ruled in court that he was allowed to return to his job.

    \tThis article is absolutely ridiculous. Police are hired to help protect and serve the citizens of the United States and this is a perfect example of how certain members of the police force abuse their powers. The man was unarmed, and over sixty years of age, and also visibly non-hostile, and yet this officer still beat the man. Letting someone like this return to his job on the police force is just beyond me. I believe that if you are given such a power, and you abuse the power that you receive you should not be allowed to receive such privileges ever again. One strike and you should be off of the force for good.

    \tAllowing this man to return is just going to show that even though an officer of the law, who is suppose to protect the law, can break the very rules that he tries to prevent and not be severely punished. If anything, the violation charges should be greater for a police officer, considering he should know what is wrong to do and that is what he is arresting people for in the first place. The police seem to be given too much power and too much privilege over the citizens that are not patrolling the streets to look for such crimes. Who is there to look to when the very people protecting you are against you?

    \tThis situation reminds me of how crooked cops can actually be, and I was able to witness the cruelty of such officers first hand. It was the summer of 2009 when I was returning home from a music concert in Central Park in New York. It was after 9 or 10 and my friends and I were walking back to the subway to catch a sub back to the bus to return back to New Jersey. I’m not going to cover the reasons why I was confronted nor what I was charged with, but I’ll tell you this, it was a very small and non-hostile reason. I was told to “Get against the f----ing wall”, while being shoved against the side of a brick building. Me being a small kid from New Jersey, they could tell how scared I was of what the were doing, and they took advantage of this. They continued to harass me by pushing me against the wall when I simply was trying to turn my head around to answer the questions they were asking me, and by continuously saying inappropriate and unnecessary comments. They told me I was going to go to jail and my life was over, they asked me questions about my house and my phone number. They pretended to even call my parents to try to scare me as well, they didn’t actually call. They put handcuffs on me as well, of which left mildly severe marks on my wrists. The handcuffs were put on way too tight, and purposely to make me suffer more. I cannot repeat everything they said to me because my memory of everything that happened has slipped my mind , and some I do not wish to repeat due the cruelity and vulgarness of the statements. I was let go after a half hour of pure terror and harassment. I was treated as if I had just committed a violent crime. Before this, I believed the police were there to help me, now I realized what this world is really like, and how you can’t even trust the ones who are suppose to protect you.

    Since I do not want me Civics teacher knowing my stace on drugs, yet, i did not include the reasoning of why I was apprehended... I bought ONE BAG of weed. And only possesed weed. This made me have total disrespect for the law and the police force. Proving furthur that if the war on drugs were ended, the respect for the law would greatly increase, and the rate of crime would drastically decrease.
  2. The world we live in.....
  3. Who Watches Watchmen.
  4. wait, what?

    and fucka policia. fucking scum.

  5. Just watched that movie...

    Either way, police have never done one good thing for me. They can all quit their jobs and fuck off....or die...I don't give a fuck...hope they die, though.
  6. Hoping cops die. That's real mature.

    Next time don't walk around with weed in a city that is legendary for its anti-weed laws.

    If you want laws changed start supporting the political party that doesn't control New Orleans and NYC.

  7. Its decriminlized in new york...
  8. Yeah I remember that case. It was proven he didn't drink. But then again it was New Orleans. For awhile the most corrupt city in the country. It appears though that Chicago has one that honor again.
  9. More like the whole state of Illinois. :smoking:
  10. In NY STATE it's de-criminalized. The city is still harsh as shit and law allows hauling to jail for just a tiny amount. Someone posted a thread about it earlier, in 2008 over 40,000 people were taken to jail in NYC for basic possession.

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