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  1. The Vault ! George , Jack , Cameron , and crew go above and beyond to make sure your order goes smooth and gets to you safe and sound !
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  2. Cool... :love-mj2:
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  3. If you do check us out remember to use GC10 in the cart for a 10% discount :)
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  4. When R U getting these back in stock? CBD Therapy Feminised Seeds
    I've been looking for these exact seeds for a very long time and can't find them anywhere. Any help?
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  5. Hi Buddy, they have been quite slow in restocking, if you go to the product page you can enter your email address and you will then get notified by email as soon as its in stock, add our domain to your whitelist so you dont miss the email though.

    other good CBD strains are from Medical Marijuana Genetics
  6. Thank you. I have already done this on your site, as well as many others for the same seeds. Nobody seems to have them for almost a year now... Watching and waiting... :confused_2: :thankyou:
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  8. FYI, I just placed an order a couple hrs ago, I tried 3 times to enter GC10 code & never did get it to work.... Been so long since I ordered outside the USA I forgot about "stealth shipping" charges... Grrrrrr
  9. ANYONE wanna test Seeds for me? Wedding CAKE Clone only reverses too:

    WiFi 43
    Larry OG
    Forum cookies
    Banana OG
    Ghost OG
    Purple punch
    Josh D OG
    THC bomb
    Paris OG
    Triangle Kush
    Sour Apple
    Blue Key Lime Pie (sin city’s keeper)
    Cement shoes

    All I ask is for credit and Clones of any keepers found. No money or cash needed or wanted!

    Ps: must have an IG and can’t be someone of a high caliber or big company. This is for the little guys trying to help out their families
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  10. Completed 2 trades and one donation through Strainly - Pheno hunting made easy

    Legit and good support upon signing up.
    Was a bit nervous at the beginning but everything went well.

  11. Hey guys I’m wrapping up my grow right now and I’m in need of seeds. I’ve never ordered seeds before and need some recommendations for a online seed bank that will ship to the United States!
  12. Check out Greenpoint seeds having great deals until Sunday, I have had great results from their gear, you'll have your seeds in a week tops..
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  13. You’re the man! I appreciate it I’ll check them out today and hopefully find some deals

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  14. Just had a great experience with Ilovegrowingmarijuana. My first package got lost, they sent me a new one no problem at all. Both seeds germinated within 24 hours!
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  15. First time ordering from The Vault I can see the advantage to using Bitcoin or C.C, if you send cash and want tracking it cost $32 from the US, is that what you guys have experienced or did I mess up?
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  16. Check out Strainly - Pheno hunting made easy
    Had only positive experience. Was able to connect directly with breeders and ask questions to them. Got freebies.
    The team at Strainly was super quick at answering my questions. Really put me at ease...
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  17. If any one is still thinking why they should make themselves a regular customer of the vault, here goes.. so they had a Christmas promo and I participated and ended up being one of the winners on overgrow. 50 c99 seeds. GEORGE got us shipped and month later George reshipped another one for free. Turns out both reach me the same week. And this resend for free was not even for something that I had not paid for. That goes to show the extent they are willing to go to make you happy. First image is what I was supposed to get and 2 Nd image is what they shipped again for free [​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. GYO in UK. I’m 2 for 2 with them. SeedSupreme in UK. I’m 2 for 2 with the as well.

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