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Current and Legit Seed Banks

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by SmknVTEC, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Nirvana’s just showed up yesterday :)

    Really funny how they package it
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  2. Just placed order with Greenpoint (first time ordering from them). Excited as I only hear and read good things.............
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  3. Hell yeah imma have check em out, just got done with my second grow. It was my first female ever tho lol my first grow b4 this one turned out to be a male. Here's a few pics of how it went, hope y'all are as impressed as the people I grew it for was lol..... She only had a quarter ounce yield tho cuz I used a 45w LED the whole way thru flowering w/ a lil help from the Sun but... anyway, here's my first buds!!!!
    IMAG7263.jpg IMAG7263.jpg

    I am SO proud of myself lol. I honestly thought I wouldn't have been able to keep her genetics stable all the way thru cuz she went thru so much, including being moved across town & having her cola bent toward the top during the move. She recovered like a pro tho! Thanks everyone for all the support n advice! Y'all have guided me well. I can't wait to start my next one now that I know a lot more about lighting in the flowering stage! See y'all soon with plenty more plant's to come!!!!

    P.S. Not tryin to toot my own horn but even tho she was a lil on the fluffy side, that was some of THE BEST BUD I have EVER smoked lol. I'm so glad I'm taking this serious cuz I really do enjoy growing cannabis!
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  4. looks dank
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  5. Just got my seeds from Attitude. Was able to get their last promotion at the beginning of the month. I bought 13 seeds all together 3 packs and I got 17 seeds for free. It cost 92 euros. I have never had another seed bank give this many freebies or have this good of shipping. I didn't even get ALL the promotions. They'll be having another promotion on black friday too. You can also use the promo code 420 for 10% off which covers shipping mostly.
  6. Just placed an order with Oaseeds using a VISA credit card.
    Have successfully ordered from them before.
    Paid for regular shipping only.
    Will report success/failure.
  7. Hey,

    Planning to place my 2nd order with you guys. Can you help me out with any coupon codes or discount on payment through bitcoin??

    Btw I am sill waiting on the comparative grow free seeds.


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  8. Sure buddy, use BTC15 for a 15% discount on bitcoin
  9. Thanks George.

    But I just spoke to Jack and he is sending my comparative order of 3 bears and I placed an extra order on that. Thanks for the help though.

    The vault is amazing

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  10. Thanks! Lol I'll try to keep my future posts on the short side, I was just super excited about my first female plant n had a lot to learn too. Still got A LOT to learn lol
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  11. ILGM.com has never done me wrong in the 3 years i have been buying from them, got some great seeds from them many times i had one issue with delivery and it was taken care of immediately which left me very happy and secure in my choice to buy from them.
  12. Came across this thread, and wanted to commend and recommend www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com . I've always had good service, and good products. Just ordered on November 23rd and they arrived (from Amsterdam) December 5. Had one bad seed in the several orders, which got replaced, and had one seed not germinate. That seed had been in the fridge for more than a year (yea I'm a light weight and simply bought too many seeds for how fast I consume it). Despite the fact that the seed was unreasonably old, and I had contacted them just for advice on if there was anything I could do to help my chances of it germinating, they happily gave me a coupon for 30% off my next order. A couple of strains I've looked for that they don't have, but otherwise, absolutely no reason I wouldn't use them every time.
  13. Just got the new attitude monthly promotion. Grabbed 17 beans and got 22 free. Insane.
  14. I used Stealthy Seeds recently. I really liked them, they seemed like a good bunch of lads. Good communication, and they got my seeds out very fast. All looked legit and good quality etc. Good prices as well.
  15. Hello to all... I just would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that I have ordered twice from I Love Growing Marijuana and the products and customer service are top notch. They guarantee your order with a replacement free of charge. The beans are healthy and just as advertised. I've looked around the net at other sites...and I used my best judgement and chose ILGM. I am glad I did .They go above and beyond to make sure that their customers are satisfied. I just wanted to post this for anyone who might be deciding for the first time...or even someone looking for a new bank to try. I highly recommend ILGM...No pun intended. Well...maybe a little...lol. Peace and love and blessings to one and all.
  16. Anyone know any seed banks that have rare strains?
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  18. New member 3 messages says !ot I guess. Lol
  19. Please add How To Grow Marijuana - I Love Growing Marijuana to this list. I've had nothing but the best results from them. I routinely get my seeds in just 12 days. Many people, like myself, pay with cash and have had zero problems. Their guides and forums are great too.

    After being burned by other companies, I'm so glad I found these guys. ILGM has a life long and loyal customer here. Hope this helps... :smiley-rolling-joint: :love-mj2:
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