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  1. I ordered 44 beans 20 fem purps 12 fem god bud and 12 fem bc kush from BC bud depot. Almost every single seed germinated in 25-30 hours and 38-39 out of the 44 are showing very good growth. Have ordered from the bud depot in the past and the genetics were amazing. Will keep posting pics if anyone is interested on trying any of these strains. The purps is one of the best genetics I have ever grown overall. Potent good yield good for growing outdoors in Northern Michigan weather and buds really do turn solid purple...but not all seeds will be purple phenotype make sure you save cuttings for each seed so you know which pheno to keep. There should be about 3-4 really good purples out of each 12 pack. But even the green phenotypes is amazing smoke probably little more potent than purple phenotype. But nothing tops having that bag appeal of dense dark purple nugs smelling like grape candy and smoothes taste you can get if dried and cured properly
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  2. Im interested in the God bud. Closest I got to the original God bud was a strain I just grew called blue bubba which had God bud crossed with it.
    But I am more interested in how your God bud turns out. Please keep me updated if possible.
  3. Just ordered from them for the first time, really impressed and my first venture with Fast Buds auto's. Cannot wait to get after it.
  4. I just tried the vault, and it says there they accept cc but they actually dont, so i cnt buy.

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