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    Hi Blades,

    I just updated this thread by removing dead links and adding some additional links to more seed banks. (07.26.18) *RMJL

    High folks, this is an update of Big Poppa Puffs Seed banks thread. Since that thread was from 2003, half the links were inop so, I unstuck it and started this one. I have personally used Dr. Chronic, BCSeedking, Seedboutique and The Attitude with success. The others I took from BPP's thread and they are what you guys said were good. Feel free to add more and ask questions if you have any.

    P.S. As far as I know, all these banks ship seeds to the USA except Green House Seed Co. says they won't ship to the US.


    Herbies Seeds

    The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

    Original Sensible Seeds

    The Attitude Seed Bank




    Sannie's shop


    Growshop Aliën


    BCSeed King

    Mandala Seeds

    Green House Seed Co.

    High Grade Seeds


    PLEASE DON'T DISCUSS [i.e. GIVE DETAILS ABOUT] STEALTH SHIPPING METHODS. We don't want to tip off the Feds on what to look for.

    Additionally, GC may or may not sponsor or affiliate with these seed banks. It is just a list that we have created to help aid folks in their knowledge of, apparently, reputable seed banks.

    Scam Sites Stay Away from these:

    Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds


    Trichome King
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  2. i think the attitude deserves a spot in that list
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    I've never used them personally, but i've been hearing good things. I've also heard a lot of positive things about High Grade Seeds, but again, I've never used them.

    Here's some things I would like to add since this thread is just jumping off:

    --Please do not describe the packaging your seeds come in.
    --Please don't flame seed companies if you don't get your seeds. A dispassionate account of what happened will be a better way of keeping this thread informational instead of a hater thread.
    --If something goes wrong with your order, give an accurate account of what happened and include the following info: How long it has been since the order, how you paid, what communication you have had with the company, what region you are in, and what sort of address the order was being shipped to (PO,residential,business,etc.).

    From what I have seen so far, the Midwest seems to be enduring more seizures than other areas. This doesn't mean you won't get your seeds if you order from there, but it seems a bit more than coincidence that most of the complaints about seized orders come from the Midwest.

    --Make smaller orders, rather than one large order. Let probability work for you. If you place five small orders, your chances of getting all of them seized is much smaller. This is the approach I have taken and so far I've had the good fortune of receiving all of my orders. In my opinion, the risk involved is minimal as long as you use a reputable company.

    --If your order is seized one of two things may happen: a) Nothing b) you may get a letter from Homeland Security that says you have had a parcel seized becaus it contains one of the following (then it lists a whole slew of contraband). The letter goes on to say that if you want to contest the seizure you may do so. I have personally seen these letters posted on other forums, so they do exist. By the way, I wouldn't advise contesting the seizure, but as far as I know it ends there.

    --Be safe kiddos. Never ship an order to the grow house!!! The only bust I have ever seen documentation of was actually a USPS tip off--not a DEA or Homeland Security operation. Somehow a postal worker figured out what was in the package. I think it may have inadvertantly been ripped open, as sometimes happens to envelopes in the mail, and out comes the seeds. The guy who ordered them had the address of his grow on the envelope. He also lived there. When the cops showed up with a warrant they found 50 grand and something like 150 plants spread out over his property. I'll find the link and post it here if I can. Don't let this happen to you.
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  4. I have personally place 2 orders with the and had excellent results, both orders were received inside of 10 business days. First order was the White Buffalo Tatanks seeds w/20 free mixed. Germinated 7 of each and all germinated. Second order California Skunk w/20 free seeds. Germinated 4 all 4 germinated.
  5. I noticed you did not list the mandala shop, is there any reason to this?
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  6. This is a list of banks/distributors that ship to the US
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  7. Great post.. I will be buying from tehse soon
  8. ya they really do. i know first hand fast stealthy shipping at a fair price.

  9. Sorry I thought I had them on there. Can you leave the link andf I will put it on there. Thanks folks.
  10. you actually do have them on there.
  11. Thanks for the update,that was a very good idea.I would also like to thank the honest people on the forum for their recommendations and experiences.

  12. Excellent idea. We should do it again in no more than two years.
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  14. OK Cool, thanks.

    Hey man I will just keep checking it and updating it so that it is an up to the minute list that never expires.

  15. The Mandala Online Shop does indeed shipt to the USA.

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    Is ledgit? Or is there a reason you left them off the list?

    Oh, and does NOT ship seeds to the US.
  17. How do you all feel about They are really, really cheap. I am very nervous about ordering, do you think it would be safer to have a friend send them to me in PA from a CA clinic? Are people allowed to discuss sending them to each other on here? I'll go read the rules again.
  18. I think as long as you're not discussing it with another forum member--like "hey man can you send me some seeds" you're okay.

    For real though, the purpose of this thread is to post companies that many people have used and had good luck with. So if you want to cut your risk, use one that is listed. Most of the distributors listed carry seeds from many breeders--including the cheaper ones of money is a big factor. Personally I can vouch for drchronic and seedboutique. Both carry seeds from some of the less expensive companies.

    Once the positive buzz on any given company gets loud enough that it can no longer be ignored, I'm sure it will be added.
  19. I think ill be getting GHS ww and GHS strawberry haze for summer '09...gonna be a great year I can feel it!
  20. I second this post. It was about a year ago that I ordered from both sites, but they were stealth, discreet, and I had no problems.
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