curly leaves just after transplanting to larger pot

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  1. Hello. One of my "ladies" are feeling bad. Her leaves are curling down and "folding". She is different strain and is "behaving" a little bit strange from beginning I use FFOF soil with dolomite added and perlite. For food i use Botanicare line with 1/4 dose ( for now), as i use RO water i add CalMag ( 1/2 dose). What it can be? May be she is too sensitive for fertilizers or she is hungry?

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    .......lime has a pH of 7, so it will constantly attempt to bring your pH there....FFOF has seashells for the same shouldn't need to add any lime, besides it takes awhile to become active (months) and adds cal./mag. ....and your adding cal./mag. too?
    ...the soil itself should be good without any fertilizers for 3/4 weeks, so don't do anything until then....I personally like to just transplant into a larger pot when that time comes with fresh FFOF unstead of adding all the salts/fertilizers, such as the Botanicare line can simply transplant your ladies into a larger pot every 3 weeks or so, only feeding them water throughout their whole life, and you'll have superior results without all the guru mambo jambo pumped in everyones head through'll have no pH issues, no salt build ups, no flushing required....KISS (keep it simple silly!)

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