Curling twisting leaves

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  1. So I have 2 plants going and one of the plants leaves are twisting as you can see only 1 strain is twisting I believe its gelato the other one is white widow both starting budding stage. Hydroponic solutions same with both and environment conditions same

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  2. What's your humidity and temps? PH of water?
  3. Try the CAMG+ products available or what you may already have, if any. If it's nutrient related. If it's environment related, may be heat if it got too hot.
  4. Leaf curl and stunted growth is calcium deficiency. Viral leaf curl spread by white flies can do the same but I have never seen it happen to cannabis.
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  5. Reverse osmosis cal-mag plus 1 tsp per gal or 5ml. Flora grow, flora micro, FLora bloom humidity always around 50 temp no hotter that 84deg ph 5.5 to 5.6 1300 ppm
  6. One of my plants seems perfect the other has twisted leave indoor tent hydro

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  7. I have 2 1200w led lights about 4 inches above canopy
  8. 2 ac infinity 6in exhaust fans and 2 oscillating fans in tent
  9. I'm surprised your plants are only showing minor over-feeding problems.
    Too green, clawing leaves.
    Many (Most?) hydro growers use 1/4 to 1/2 of the recommended fertilzer amounts.
    1300 ppm (500 scale) would severely injure my plants, which are about 400 ppm at a similar life stage, and thriving.
    We can't trust profit-driven fertilizer company recommendations.
    These are weeds that can survive on very little food, not forced-fed foie gras geese.
    When their vertical grow stops, the over-feeding symptoms are likely to get worse, because they'll need less food then.
  10. What's the average ppm supposed to be
  11. What's are all your recommendations on brand and how much per gal
  12. I go by total ppm only, and disregard tsp, tbs, mL, etc.
    Preparing a test jug with known gram amounts will establish what ppm to expect.
    My experience is that using deep water culture, plus the high humidity that the VPD chart calls for, allows these plants to grow on as little as 350 ppm from seed to harvest.
    I personally keep mine around 400, and never ever go above 500.
  13. Underfeeding will lead to light green leaves and slow growth, but is easily noticed and fixed.
    Overfeeding can lead to dead leaves.
  14. Many things can cause leaf curl and/or stunted growth. Ugh, so much bad information that flows around.

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  15. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was giving bad information... what did I say that was bad, btw?
  16. I use the 1-part solid fertilizer Greenleaf Megacrop.
    There is now a version 2 out.
    For version 1, 1 gram added to 1 gallon of water produces a ppm of about 125.

    My opinion is that fertilizer is like salt or sugar, brand doesn't really matter.
    But price does, and Megacrop is pretty cheap stuff.
  17. 4 inches from canopy ????? that cant be right
  18. Led lights dont get that hot I did just move them to 6 inches and added a 3rd light

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