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  1. I've got this one plant under a compact flouro, and i keep it about 2 inces from the top of the plant. the past few days ive noticed the leaves begining to curl up, i was wondering wat the cause of this was. and wat i could do about it. theres no color change but it still worries me, and it has began to curl more and more as it progresses in growth, its really pissing me off. so if anyone could provide some answers that would be GREAT!
  2. anybody... they are looking worse every hour
  3. its tough to give you any help without more information. What is the temperature in there. How long have you been growing the plant. Where are the leaves that are curling up. Can you post a pic?
  4. How often do you water?

    Do you have ventilation?

    Why do you spell all your words correct except "wat"?
  5. haha i dono y i spell everythin right, jst habit, damn now im gonna be self concious when i type. its at room tempature, but im sure the light raises it a bit, not a whole lot of ventilation, its in my closet and i come home everyday and open the door for about 5 hours. its 12 days old i think. under a 1000 lumens light. the curling started on the bottom, bigger leaves and slowly moved up.
  6. When you get home and open your closet, is it really hot in there at first?

    Because with no ventilation 19 hours a day, that one light bulb will easily raise the closet's temperature into the 90's. :eek:

    And combined with no fresh co2 supply from the recirculated air it can really stress the plants out.

  7. soo...... ventilation then. ineed more vents. i figured it would be something stupid like that. somthin i should know. but hey thats wut GC is for
  8. could be a deficency of some sort or over or under watering. pix help alot. also look for a sic plant guide. it shows pix and tells u what to do to correct them.
  9. How old and how tall are these plants stonehenge55?
    Also, have you fertilized them yet? Do you have a PH checker? If so, what is the soil ph? How are they looking today?
  10. i used tap water this gro at 1st and seemd to me a couple of my plants bottom leaves got yellow rusty looking and curled up. so i used spring water or watever u get from the store and they never did it anymore. also it might need ferts if u never gave them any mine started this on day 14 so maybe it was the tap water or the no nutes yet ? since then no problem tho so i guess i fixed it?
  11. Boss, what I suspect is a Calcium Magnesium deficiency.. is it curling up around the edges of the leaf? and those rusty spots too see.. ya.. I'd go get some supplements perhaps botanicare's cal-mag, or that advanced nutrients Revive, they both have the same thing cept revive has zinc.
  12. I bet you used soil with automatic fert release by miracle grow? Dont use it, start over with some different soil that isnt miracle grow soil. I learned the same way ;)
  13. i can't find any good soil with out the auto release ferts.
  14. I may have missed it, but how old are your plants? I use miracle grow potting soil and I don't know if the soil had anything to do it with or not, but when my plants were young I had a leaf curling problem. However, it only lasted about a week or so and it never seemed to have any affect on how much they were growing and they looked healthy otherwise. However, I did not have any spots on the leaves. They just drooped and curled a bit. I never changed the soil or added any other nuts and my plants are into flowering now and looking GREAT! My best advice to any of you "rebels" like me that went with MG soil... Don't add any other ferts during the whole vegging period. My next grow I am going to have a clone in MG soil and another clone in organic. I will keep them under the same dual 400W MH/HPS, watering schedule, etc and see what happens. I don't own stock in MG and really could care less. I am just lazy and don't like messing with adding stuff to my plants anymore than I need to. I figure the less I mess with my plants the lower the chances are that I will screw it up. I just don't sign on to the theory that you immediately start changing/adding/subtracting things at the first sign of something a little abnormal. That's just the opinion of a very well read, but farely new grower.
  15. Stonehenge, I grow in my closet and I try to open the doors as much as I can. Do u have a thermometer in there. If it gets above 90 degrees that could be extremely detrimental to your plants health. My plants started to curl during veg stage for this means you have a magnesium deficiency or its too hot. To be safe I fixed the mag def with Epsom Salt, walmart has it. Follow the directions tho, i fucked up and put a lot of it in and i got some fert burn. If smell becomes a problem i have an ozn-1 ozone generator (ebay) on a timer. It's perfect I smoke in my room all the time then put it on and you can't smell my plants or my smoke. peace.
  16. Boron and Manganese def can also produce rusty spots on yellowing leaves.
    Calcium def also produce rusty spots, but Magnesium def does not!

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