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curling leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Eric149, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. about 30% of my leaves are curling and they get shrivvled up at the end is thihs suppose to happen or am i doing somthing wrong because im watering them a tiny bit about twice a day just misting on the leaves and about 1/4 to the roots. and ive been leaving it outside after its been inside for 3 months. is this normal?
  2. do you have a pic? are they curling downward or upward? do you knwo the pH of your soil? do you know how many hours of direct sunlight they have daily? do you know how cold it gets at nite? check for mites, bugs and pests. did you "harden" them at all before you put them in the ground? What kind of conditions were your plants in before hand? and do you know the strain? Answeres to most of these questions and a few pics could really help diagnose. and stop misting on the tops of your leaves. if you must spray, gently mist the bottoms of the leaves a little bit and just the soil's surface at the base of the stem. If they are outside, you may have to water them every other day or one once a day (since you transplanted early) but only a little bit of water. if they are in the sun too long, depending on the strain, they could start curling and burning. They need some shade too. pH balance is a big problem for a lot of growers. do some searches on that. and search overwatering.

    anyways, good luck


    Serious Eric
  3. You keep watering those things every day and you're going to end up with a dead plant. The roots aren't getting enough air between waterings. Let them dry out. This will also force them to grow a strong, deep root system.
  4. did this just start after you began to put it outside? you didnt mention acclaimating the plant to the outdoors then to the sunlite , I'm guessing its sunburnt with the little info given
  5. just a thing about foliar spraying ....... as serious eric said 'don't spray the top of leaves, spray the bottom' ....... yeah man the underside of your leaves have stomates ... if you look under a microscope you will see little black dots .... thats where they suck it in man ..... water droplets on the outside can act as little magnifying glasses and burn leaves on sunny days ....... iam not saying this is your problem iam just adding my 2 cents worth ......
  6. Hey
    I have 8 girls going and on some of them the leaves are curling down and inward , i've checked the ph and its fine, i only water every 3-4 days and they have a 400w hps. it only seems to affect the top portion of the plants. thanks ps i also use a general fertilizer every 3rd watering.
  7. start a new thread for your self OK its easier to track without cross posting

    can you post pics..... sounds like you have nitrogen toxicity "the Claw"
  8. LOL. ketchup blunt: normally one would post their own thread, rather than hijack a thread, when they have an issue. Also post all variables, soil, lights and distance, ferts, humidity, water used and amounts, pot size, and even strain if you can. Makes it easier for us to help you.
  9. [email protected] someones thread. Now THAT! is classic and hella funny.
  10. Sorry guys i'm new i'll do that thanks won't hijack again lol

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