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  1. my beautiful plant has had curling leaf edges since the start, I can't tell if it's getting better or worse but it's been non stop. The plant continues to grow at a rather fast pace so I'm not terrified but it looks stressed. I am thinking humidity but I've been keeping it down during the day with my portable AC to 50% though I know it gets higher when I'm gone. It also gets quite warm but never higher than 25 Celsius, I also have a small desk fan on at all times.

    Grow info:
    4x23=100w CFLS
    1gallon pot (soil) PH is 6.5
    Unknown strain (looks like an indica)
    Probably about a month in to Veg

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  2. damn Dude get a microscope FAST and check the undersides for russet mites /broad cannot in any way see them with the naked eye they are so small they can hitch a ride on the back of a spider. mite...Google spider mite too....get some neem oil and pray it's spider mites...they will fuck shit up but you'll be able to finish....russet mites however are modern day growers nightmare....guys are taking huge losses and scrapping all and starting over at the first sign of russet mites....I too learned the Hard way....good luck keep us posted....and remember damage from russet .ites can look like a lot of other things over watering...Cal mag deficiency heat damage....the list goes on ...makes the grower go nuts trying to figure it out....when all along it was the dreaded russet mites

    good luck good grows keep us posted

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  3. I don't see any, I'm just growing one plant in my room, is there really a CChance it's these things? It's been going on since it sprouted. I've never had any mite problems till potentially right now. :(
  4. Thoughts?
  5. get a microscope there like 50 bucks or less..then get on YouTube and search russet mites to see what your looking for....they don't necessarily show that much damage in Veg...but as soon as your on dayb15 of flower....the pistils will be a weird brown red color...that's the give away...they completely retard growth and will not let the plant develop....scary I know...and to get rid of them is ...well nearly impossible and takes many treatments every 3 days for a month before you break the life cycle....ppl call them the borg make sure you know what's up before doing anything drastic..keep.up posted

    good luck

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  6. Whats the temp of the room usually?
  7. O sorry 25 degrees c. Gotcha
  8. I

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  9. I still think it's heat stress, I live on the fourth floor of an apartment and I don't have any other plants so I don't see how I could get mites, plus it has happened since the plant sprouted, and I don't have a microscope noor could I find one at any store oddly, so I took my professional 42.2mp camera since I'm a photographer and took some up close shots, all I see is the hairs on the leaves when I zoom in, pics below
  10. hmm I dunno...spidermites are visible with the naked eye...broad mites/russet mites are VERY hard to find even with a microscope...the damage they do CAN imitate heat stress, over watering, and nute deficiency....VERY'll see when you start flowering me that wrinkly effect is broad mites...but if you ruled out 1000% chance of that....then ...something else is chewing on those'll be fine in Veg mode...but 2 -3 weeks into budding ...they stunt bad and stop developing....

    good luck and good grows

    keep us posted

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  11. Hey so I got a microscope and I saw no movement at all, here are some pictures [​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. can you find the 3 in this pic? check the video out.

    they are small Dude....I mean really small...[​IMG]

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  14. Yeah bro I'm looking everywhere I see literally nothing at all man I must've pulled 4 leaves and I also looked at the stems, I watched the video and I saw nothing, if you have any friends on here I need help asap cuz idk what to do and I need to transplant ASAP

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  15. so it's not bugs
    so it's not heat
    so it's not environment related
    so it's maybe the beginning of root zone issues .

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  16. transplant to bigger pot.and flush with 1/4 strength nutes until it straightens out...this will cure the root zone issues. good luck and good grows keep us posted

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  17. Thank you so much for helping me through this, I wish I could have u over and smoke u up haha. I transplanted and flushed w water, it's got a bit of a too high N problem ATM too so I'm gunna hold off on the bytes I think

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  18. My AC unit cant simultaneously maintain the temp and the humidity so I think that the humidity is way to high, especially considering the amount of tiny water drops I saw on the leaves in the scope. The leaves are also starting to get a bit wavy I think [​IMG]

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  19. what's the humidity % where are the drops of water on the leaf? be patient

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  20. I don't have a gage but when I make the school bring down the humidity it sucks a quarter gallon out in 20 min so I'm assuming pretty high, and it's hard to make out in the photo cuz I couldn't keep my hands steady but those white dots

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