Curling Leaves

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jaystation, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. Hello all,
    my plants are three weeks old, There are under 24/7 light
    150w Hps + 400w MH, they have a fan running for 15min every hour, watering them once a day , fert twice a week. In the last day or so the leaves have started to curl at the edges can you please help.
  2. How close are you're lights? at 3 wekks old you should only be starting to fert them.....if you could post a pic it would be helpfull.....the fan should also be on 24/7 to help keep the temp down.....keep the temp between 70-80 degrees farenheit.......Peace only water when the you put you're finger an inch or 2 under the soil and it's dry, or by a water gauge...!
  3. the lights are about 24 inches from the plants, iwas wondering if humidity was an issue, as the leaves look like there drying.
  4. Try misting the leaves as chances are the lights are taking out all the moisture out the leaves before the roots can supply enough water to the leaves....check the temp at the top of the leaves, get a humidity tester for approx £10 from a garden store.....if the leaves are drying out brown it will be overfert....cut back on the fert.....Peace out...Sid
  5. yeah dude, it seems that you are overlighting your plants, try using a 18/6 light plan, 18 on/6 off. It sounds like your leafs are starting to dry up. Also, do you have foil around your flowers to give a nice full surrounding lighting instead of just overhead...
  6. I would beg to differ from the others.I think you may be over fertilizing.Is it possible for you to post pics?

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