Curling leaves?

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  1. Got some leaves curling up at 10 days old. Running 600W MH about 2 ft above 4 plants, 17/7 light schedule. So far, just adding water @ 6.6ph in happy frog/perlite mix.

    Anything wrong here?

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  2. slightly too hot . other then that, they're fine.
  3. and if you're feeding at 6.6, and gettign a 7.2 runoff, I wouldn't sweat it too much. you'll be in range

  4. is that why the edges are rolling up?
  5. Could be over watering as well.
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    yeah Bender that weird curl in the first pic, @ the base of the leaves......

    first sign of heat stress IMO
  7. Thanks for that. So if I'm 2 feet above should I raise my light? How much? I've read that you put your hand just above your plant and if it's too hot for your hand, raise the light - is that valid? At 2 feet it's ok for my hand.

    Thanks for that. I have been watering every day, I'll back that off as well.
  8. replace hand with face. and remember they are weaker for the first couple weeks
  9. 2 feet? I have mine a foot away...

    Add some more fans you are going to need it.

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