curling leaves

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  1. Hey there got some leaves curling up and some discoloration on other leaves. Any help is welcome. Happy frog soil, rain water, 2 feedings of f/f grow big.



  2. No bugs or pests right/
    I wonder what the pH of that soil is.
    Sometimes they twist from continuous strong wind but since they a;so have a leaf issue it might be related.
  3. I do not have a soil ph kit. I do test the run off water every once in a while it is right around 6-7 on the regular. I was using hose water till the monsoon started then I was able to harvest quite a bit of rain water. its only on one plant not the others its next to so Idk.
  4. Not sure either sorry.
  5. Bugs/pests:

    I have spider mites indoors but nothing outdoors yet that I've seen. I've sprayed them with organocide garden pest spray a couple times as well.
  6. My outdoor plants.


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