Curling leaves please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mrtwomuchskill, May 13, 2006.

  1. was up fellow growers I finally found a problem with my first grow one of many well heres some info I got 5 seedlings in 26 oz cups with Foxfarm seedling soil they are 10 days old on the 7th day I added more soil to the cup FoxFarm Ocean Forest I water every 4 days heres the info on my two problem plants #1 is not branching its growing upwards just a tiny little burn at the tip of one leaf #2 is extremely burned with both leaves brown and curling up please help sorry no pics getting my camera soon
  2. damn can somebody please help me or atleast point me in the right direction
  3. how far are your lights away from your plants...and how much water are you giving your plants
  4. yeah if your feeding you plants more than twice a day then it's a problem i feed mine 1 time in morning and before bed. If you do that then it's ur light being too close.
  5. about 2 inces from my seedlums and I water a cup of water or until water drains out all the three holes not just one and my lights are one 20 watt and one 42 watt bulb total 60 watts thats all I can give out now
  6. also I never feed my plants only watered and I think it got burned from the Ocean Forest I put in instead of the seedling soil when I was adding more soil I guess I'll never do that again

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