curling leaves and long stems..?

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  1. here a couple of pictures of my plants. are the stems supposed this long or is this what they call stretching?? also why are some of the leaves curling up?? oh setup...5 CFL 23watt equiv. to 100watt lights on a timer doing 18/6.

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  2. They look normal and healthy. You needn't worry about stretching at this point, haha.
  3. Plants look actually pretty good. The leaves point upwards towards the light naturally, this is normal. Its a good sign to have them growing towards the lights, they should be slightly upwards especially during the light cycle, or at least they should be parallel to the ceiling. They are healthy and there is no stretching. Plants stretch in search for light, you have yours close enough to the light so theres no need for them to stretch. You will probably want more light tho once your plants enlarge. What kind of lights are you using? and how many watts?
  4. yeah i have 5 23watt cfl's that are supposed to be equivalent to 100watt each. well i woke up this morning and one of my little buddies has a yellow leaf. i dont have a digital ph tester and thats what i feel like is screwing me. i'm going to find one today and order it, hopefully its not to late already. i'm adding a picture of the little guy below, tell me what you think it could be(i know i know, could be many things but...). my digi cam is pretty old so the quality of the pics is not the best.

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  5. dude... I really wouldn't worry about that "yellowing leaf" you think you have there.. in essence that is not a leaf at all.. it's part of the seed pod, they had the leafs wrapped up inside.. :) what I am trying to say is they die off as the plants takes over and continues to produce leaves, being used as energy to fulfill the task. So don't fret.. Don't worry dude, they'll be fine... :) BTW, I used that little pool dripper ph tester.. you know the 5$ one.. for like 2 years, even with hydro.. so don't knock not having a digi, just check it twice or more to ensure your result is consistent... Good Luck!!

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