Curling downward leaves - reverse taco??

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  1. The leaf edges of this plant are curling under, kind of a reverse taco. They also feel very soft and not as rigid as normal.

    Dont think that it is a under/overwatering issue. Temp is 78 in FFOF and under CFLs

    Any ideas?

  2. Looks OK. Sometimes they will do that. It might be a little too much N. Maybe not enough light. What lights?
  3. shes under 100w, true watts cfls 6500k, but space shes in has a total of about 400w
  4. Yeppers....that's nitrogen curl. Ease up on whatever nutrient you're using that has it. Start with a good flush to get a clean start.
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    isnt N curl usually a claw? Not giving much N as just switched to flower and last feeding was 0 - 10 - 10 flowering ferts w/ 1 tspn/ gallon magical which is 2 - 0 -0

    Edit: I just switched her to 12 / 12 need to pickup 2700k bulbs I ran out
  6. Yeah......claw....taco....claw-taco. Too much N will do that.....and really, some phenos just do that no matter what. I had an Urkel that was just hell-bent on doing that regardless of what I did. Some plants just don't like a lot of Nitro.

    Good Luck!!
  7. Thanks guys... gona give her a flush

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