Curling - Day 23 flower at new growth PICS

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  1. 1000watt HPS
    300watt LED

    Day 23 flower
    CANNA line lowest recommended dose around 1100 ppm @6.5PH

    Organic Soil

    Temp >82 the past week before that low 70s

    Humidity control at 45

    What could this be? Temp? PH Is what most say...should I flush and dose at 1/4



    ---First Grow Journal Complete 2016 / FFOF / 1000w ---
  2. Fearful of a burn coming since in my grow log I was already worried about her last feeding. She's dry every three days and has not had a break, while her last feeding was only 75% the feed before that was 100%

    So I will cut out her Aqua Flores A and B. No Rhizotonic or.

    She will get Cannazym and CANNABOOST at 2/3 dose.

    No PH adjustment needed


    Runoff PH a little high [​IMG]

    My water out the tap below


    ---First Grow Journal Complete 2016 / FFOF / 1000w ---

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