Curling and yellowing leaves

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  1. I want to flush them but figure I would get some advice before I do, this is my first time, the temps have been around 95 degrees Fahrenheit Huminty around 80% my medium was miracle grow,

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  2. Guess I should have asked also,
    Why is it doing this and what the best thing to do to help it any help would be awsome.
  3. My ph in the soil is 7, been using spring water and adding wood ash to get my water ph close to 6.5 hope this helps to kind of narrow down on what I need to do,
    Am thinking after reading that I used the wrong medium and need to flush and transplant them in some other medium.
  4. Can someone please help me or point me in the right direction am a new grower any help will be highly appreciated, thank you
  5. Dont flush it it will release more time release nutes. looks like heat stress or bugs possibly but I would put then in the ground so they can get out of that time release soil possible could be a defficiancy or lockout not sure
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  6. Thanks for your info, since i posted that there looking good I just left them all day in shade and it was like magic. Yes I want them out of that sorry crap soil but want to wait a little for there stress from the heat to go down before I add more stress. .thanks for your help bro.
  7. How would you go about transplanting them if they was yours?
    Would you at night take water and gently wash as much of that medium off or will that stress the he'll out of them, I know roots don't like lite.
  8. I personally would just dump the pot over hoping it has a good root ball and dropit in a hole

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