Curled leaves question?

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  1. Well originally I was going hydroponics but working so much I am just trying out soil so I am clueless when comes to soil. Orginal I was feeding this plant Ph water 5.8 then I started reading that I should be around 6.5 so I corrected it .Point of this thread is make sure before riding it out that this is Ph problem not anything else?

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  2. I think she just looks thirsty. I would water until you get a good bit of run-off and she will perk back up again. Works for me every time.
  3. Worryed going to over water it how much should I give it? Went out got one those moisture meter and don't think working right I water the crap out the plant it still not in moist area?

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  4. Do you have drainage holes in the bottom of your pot?
  5. Yes I have 4 them. The run off is reading Ph of 6.3 .
  6. If you watered good and have run off, she should perk may take a day but she should be fine...shouldnt have to worry about over watering if you have good drainage....keep me updated.
  7. Thanks man one more question should I add teaspoon of calmag to a gallon of water for it? I was thinking sience orginal I was feeding this plant Ph 5.8 filter water that might need some.

  8. Truthfully I dont think its necessary...but I have never used calmag, it probably wouldnt hurt because I hear it takes up to 2 weeks for the calmag to kick-in..if a teaspoon is whats recommended.
  9. Ok I wait couple days I update with photo see what happens.
  10. So leaves still same I am going to try raising light little intill it recover .
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    Here is updated picture it seems like calmag made it worse to me any body else input?

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  12. the cal mag didnt work because calcium and magnesium cannot be absorbed by cannabis in a pH lower than 6.4. get your pH in the 6.4-6.8 range. all your problems will dissappear :smoke:
  13. I Ph the water 6.8 and run off still 6.3 so what should I do?
  14. it is too acidic. your pH is lower than 6.3. you can add powdered dolomitic lime to the top your mix. or, you can flush out your mix with water pHed at 6.8. and i really mean run lots of water through that little thing, like 2 gallons. just be sure to do it when the plant dries out so you dont risk overwatering

    good luck bro :D
  15. So get lime do I just put some on top or do I mix it with water?
  16. you can just sprinkle it on top. it is powdered limestone and 100% organic. just add small ammounts at a time so you dont over do it. dolomitic lime contains magnesium and calcium, by the way.

    just make sure you get powdered, or hydrated. granular dolomitic lime needs to be composted to break down properly.
  17. Alright I will run out right now get some. When it does dry out I just add some lime, water it and test Ph on it add if needed?
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    This is all could find will this work I crushed it up before applying it?

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  19. OK well I add lime last time posted and today ran some water threw plant . I add some more lime cause run off is Ph 6.0 .

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  20. I also had question sience I have such low Ph run off should I get some Ph up and run like a higher Ph in the 8 or 9 range with the lime intill things stable out?

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