curled leaves/first grow w/pics

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  1. I was thinking megnesium def but have been spraying with epson salt for 5 days and no improvement. Any ideas? This is my first grow attempt. White Widow seeds.

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  2. we need full info, water specs, nute specs, ph/ec readings from runoff, nutes, water ect. everything you can tell us.... looks like more than one deficiency to me...
  3. I would have to say that leaf curl up is from too much heat. Either you need to take the room temp down or move the lights up higher. Are you using an HID or Floros? How far are the lights from the plants? And Wat is the room temp at?
  4. Thanks for the help.
    I am using MG fert. Was using as directed but switched to just water for a few days. I raised the lights from 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet. Temp reading on dirt id upper 80's and off to the side out of the light it is low 80's. PH is 6.8
    Hopefuly in a couple days the light moving or fert change will straighten things out.
    Thanks again
  5. Oh, MH 400 watt light
  6. Do you have any fans blowing onto the plants or does a draft pass over them? The same thing started happening to 2 of my plants because the fan was gently blowing on them to strengthen the stems. I moved the fans off the plants and problem solved.
  7. I do have a fan running but not directly on the plants.
  8. That's a heat issue, I'm pretty sure of it. I've seen this with my plants every now and then. Basically raising the light up a bit and placing a fan directly on the plants (as suggested above) will fix 'em right up.

    But, as always, if I'm wrong, someone feel free to correct me.
  9. Leaves curling up like that is almost always due to high temperature. Temps at the canopy should be between 72-78. I try to never let my temps reach 80. Actually, my lights are all wired to a high-temp cutoff set at 81 degrees.
  10. Oh, since you've been spraying epsom salt on them for 5 days I also recommend spraying them with strait water for a couple days to get the excess salt off.

    Put the fan directly on the plants. It will make the stems/shoots beefier.
  11. high temps or the begining of nute burn

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