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  1. hey guys, unfortunately, my leaves are curling down, not at the tip, but along the edges curling under. i've seen this before as a sign of lack of watering, but they've had plenty of watering and plenty of aeration, too, so i think it is something else...anything else it could be?

  2. You know the drill man ;) we need all the info and pics if possible. :)
  3. yea, i know free. only problem is that my camera got lost a week ago so i can't post new stuff yet. i'll try to borrow my woman's camera tomorrow. i should have just waited instead of being such an impatient noob, lol.
  4. Overall:


    Close up:

  5. Great work on the pics dude, :) now we need all the info. ;)

    soil/hydro, type?
    nutes, when, how much etc
    water, source?
    lights, what sort, howw far from canopy etc.

    If you start with all the info, something usually jumps out as the problem. ;) I know I've seen your grow before, but I look at a lot of grows each day and it's hard to remember all the specs. :eek::smoke:
  6. oh come on free, now you're just being hard on me! you know my grow already...but you're right, i didn't do this the right way. thanks for keeping me in line.:smoke:

    soil grow, temp is 85 F in lights and 72.5 F at night.
    ph is at 6.7
    humidity is 35 RH
    nutes: fox farm tri-pak (open sesame, beastie budz, cha-ching) every other watering, with watering every 3 days or until soil is not damp three inches down
    water: filtered, bottled water
    light: 400 W HPS 3.5 inches above tallest plant, as low as i can go without seeing light burn
  7. Mine did that once.
    It was too much nitrogen. That was just mine though. Yours could be something else.
  8. Oh, just notice how close your lights are to the plants. Might want to move them away a couple more inches. Bet that helps some. ;)
  9. i'm not seeing light burn, because i'm using a high speed fan over the canopy top, so it gets that cool air in quickly and helps them keep from burning, but i'll move it up a little. trying to keep them from stretching too much.
  10. I'm really not trying to man, I meant it when I said I'm a stoner that forgets. :p I look at a lot of pics of plants everyday, it's hard to remember which plants belong to who, ya know? :)

    What sort of soil are you using and what size pots?
    Is that pH the run off?
    What strength are you feeding your nutes?
    How's your ventilation?

    Sorry for all the q's man, it's the only way I know how to help you. :)

    I agree, 3inches is way too close, I can't imagine having my girls that close to my 400watt hps! :eek: Do you use a cool tube?
  11. soil: sterilized bagged soil 60% perlite 40%
    nutes: every feeding i go 1/2 strength or less, as i've found more burns them
    ph of runoff: 6.7
    ventilation is terrible, but i've been leaving the door to the grow room open during the light cycle, using a fan to help speed up the air exchange, as well as set up a small yeast co2 generator to make sure the plants have plenty of co2. at night there are fans to blow plenty of fresh air over the plant, but the door is closed and the air circulates in the room (although it is a huge bathroom, so i don't think it will be a problem)

    originally i had these plants in a grow box at my place, and i had an extraction fan and filter set up for that. however, when i moved to a new place, i converted the whole master bathroom to a grow room, and due to the set up of the room and it's location in the house, using the extraction fan and filter became impossible without drawing more attention to the room and grow. :(
  12. The FF tri-pack that you have are supplemental flowering nutes that should only be used during specific stages of flowering for each product. There is anothe tri-pack they sell that has Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom - this is the more conventional lineup that is used by FF growers and the nutes you have are added in during flower. Are you using all 3 nutes at the same time? Have you been using them throughout the grow? If the answer to either question is yes then that could be a part of your problem.
  13. no, as you said those are supplemental solubles, and i use them only during the correct stages of flowering along with a generic bloom fertilizer as the main component. the open sesame i used during the first signs of bloom for two and half weeks and i started the beastie bloomz when they were more developed. it would be absolutely retarded to use them all at the same time, as well as during the veg, although i've seen people use them alone during flowering with good results, too, especially in soil grows. i also started a thread about this soluable tripak back in the grow section where some people commented on the usage.
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    Ok, I don't know what is wrong, but I do think it's a combination of things. Some yellowing in flowering is normal, how far along are the girls?

    I think you've had some heat issues, that space you are using, whilst big is running pretty hot a lot of the time with mostly stale air. The best tip I ever got was how important good ventilation is, plants crave fresh air. That coupled with them being pretty close to the hps would inevitably start to show stress.

    I also think that for your first grow, your nutes are complicated. Keeping it simple the first few times can pay you back 10 fold.

    It's late in your grow to be changing all these things, and at the end of the day your girl is still growing and producing bud, which is awesome for a first shot. :) I would recommend tweaking your grow area a bit to incorporate proper ventilation, could you have a large grow tent inside the room you r using? You could have the girls in that, with intake and exhaust and then because the light is contained in there, you could open a window in the room so that there is always a supply of fresh air. Just a thought...

    Also, get yourself a simpler nute regime, maybe some calmag, some pH up and down and you're good to go.

    You're so keen to grow well, you will soak up alll the info and be a great grower in no time, look how well you've done already, everyone has one or two problems on their first grow. ;):)
  15. i think i figured it out! after a lot of surfing i saw a guy with the same problems caused by lack of humidity. he explained that plants curl upward to increase ventilation on the bottom of the leaves and that they curl downward to hide the leaf undersides when they are too dry. i noticed my dehumidifier had been bumped, as the gauge was showing RH 35%, so i think this could be the problem.

    yea, thanks free, i know i'm being a little hard on myself, i just love my plants so much and want the best for them. i'll probably turn out to be one of those parents that like pushes too hard to give my child opportunities and instead turns them into an emo-goth, lmao.

    this plant is covered in buds, although they've been growing a lot slower than the white widow, which has been a lot healthier so far. :(
  16. They should flower fine. Mine did that and I got pretty large buds despite it being my first grow.
    "Weed"---cause it grows like weed! Hardy stuff and will take a lot of abuse.
    Not bad for a first grow darlin'. :)

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