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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Laoch, May 27, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, haven't been smoking all that long and just enjoying everything I learn. My dealer recently contacted me and offered bomb outs. I'm always up for new and great things but I have no idea what is it. Any thoughts?
  2. well if he is telling you that he has bomb its probably heroin

  3. I've never heard this term before in my life. sorry.
  4. Bomb usually means dank which means good. You never know until you smoke it though, welcome.
  5. naw ive never heard anyone call dank bomb homie
  6. He always let's me know if it's heads and is kind enough to usually give me strain straight up. Heroin isn't big up here but it just maybe. Thanks guys.
  7. You've never heard someone say "I have some bomb ass weed man."?

  8. Yea I've heard that, but it's not "Bomb ass" it's specifically bomb outs. Just curious, I can always get other shit from various others but considering as I usually love the shit he gets I wanted to know what was up.
  9. maybe you should ask him....?
  10. I was just talking to the person who told me they've never heard dank called bomb before. I guess your only solution is to ask him a different term for it or just go and see it.
  11. True, was just looking for other opinions. Thanks to all, should be gettin some shit from him soon anyway regardless of what he has tonight.
  12. ask him but i'd say its just dank weed. saying its bomb weed is a common thing.

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