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  1. Not counting fox farm or any other brands like this what nutes can I use say like from lowest or home depot can I use at beginning of flowering
  2. Tomato 10-10-10 is all i can think of. Personally since im spending the money for electricity and lights, whats another $50 on some real nutes?
  3. I know what your saying and i will on my next grow, but I'm a week into flowering and the pistols are here and i don't want to wait for shipping. Is 10-10-10 too much? I'm new sry for questioning
  4. ECW bone meal, kelp, blood meal ect.
  5. Lots of nutes for tomato plants will work for flowering MJ :smoking:

  6. top dress your pots with wormcastings and an organic fertilizer like Espoma tomato-tone. $15-$20 tops.

    What kind of soil are you using? ½ cup castings, 2 gallons of water, 2 Tbs molasses in a bucket, throw some airstones in or stir every hour-couple of hours for a day or two and water your plants with it.
  7. I still have it in the seed starter potting soil. I'll attach a pic from before flowering and before 2nd top matured.

  8. ^^^^^ I have also added a 3rd ultra sun cfl
  9. Thanks all!

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