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  1. :D :D :D
    I'd rather have dry heat than super humid heat :hide:
  2. I've wanted to go to High Sierra for a while, but I haven't even been to Cali in years. damn I'm jealous of you Curious. I gotta drive out there sometime now that I'm not too far.
  3. High Sierra was definitely killer, pretty good vibe and the scene is beautiful. i plan on headin back next summer for sure.
  4. bringing thru some more old skool hits from my previous collections...

    SYN mini dome perc tube, alex k showerhead diffy and a freeek teardrop filla bowl, cool set up but i never used the freeek!
  5. more old stuff, sherlock dry from a blower named Kaya, not sure if i posted this but the picture definitely isn't up yet.

    also an interestingly shaped one hitter from a blower out of Silver Spring, MD can't remember the name for the life of me though, got this one from Capital Hemp before it shut down.

    better shot of the freeek slide
  6. wow, almost been a year since i've updated this. lot has changed since my last post! workin a shit ton, going to school to get my credits in order to transfer. i'll be moving to Santa Cruz in not too long! also picked a couple different new pieces and sold practically all my old ones.
    The only thing I kept was my trusty Kenan Tiemeyer chillum. Since then I've picked up a new Toro 7/13 micro with black lipped mouthpiece and base with a blue cap on the 13 arm, two Jeff Green (DCS' apprentice or he was?) sherlocks, a Kenan Tiemeyer sherlock, and took ownership of a POS King Volcano tube. Pics to come! 
  7. Can't wait to see those sherlies, welcome back dude :wave:
    Is your KT chillum one of his fantasy? Cause I picked one of those up a couple months ago :)
  8. Wow, 9 pages of outstanding glass. Thats a nice collection you got there, well had I guess. But out with the old in with the new eh?
  9. :wave: Thanks flammz, as you can tell by my super late reply here, I'm not able to hang around the city too much these days. Life's movin' quick and I gotta play catch up to stay in a position to succeed. So I've got my school and work hustle in overdrive right now hoping to push through and explore my opportunities further. 
    Those fantasy chillums are rad, aren't they? :cool:  Pack just the right amount, hit great and really a bargain in my opinion. The problem I run into with it being my back up "out n about" piece is that people seem to not know how to hit a chillum. I've seen people do the cupped hand thing to make a chamber, I've watched people light it like a cigarette, but I've run into a pretty large number of people who are like "where's the shotgun?" So I find that pretty interesting, don't know if you've had the same experience. But I love mine! It's the only piece I can say I will for sure keep forever! 
    Thank you, I appreciate that. I buy/sell glass when my needs changed. For a few sporadic periods over the last few years I've sold all my gear and stopped smoking entirely for 6-8 month periods only to come back to it and change my mind on what I want out of a glass piece. Right now I have only dry pieces. Thinking about getting a budget scientific bub as a flavor savor, know anything that might fit the bill?  :bongin:
    Figure I can drop some content in this thread. It's well overdue for an update.  :poke:
    killer sunset a little ways from my house 
    KT Fantasy Spoon - 2013  :love: 
    slice of petrified wood, my pops got me this while he was out of the country
    really nice creeper strain - forget the name - & my KT sherlock  :hello: 
    Gonna post up a review of a new acquisition soon along with pics, as well as pics of all my glass (not much to shoot at this point). :yay:
  10. :bongin: new Maka B bub, i believe it's a 2011. super sick fume work though, gotta pick up a pelican for this piece now too.
    fume poppin' 
    my good friend and i made some cannabutter, check it out:
    1. ~30g of midgrade + sugar leaf & stems
    2. 1 pound of european style butter 
    3. the result :yummy:
    made some brownies and cookies, pretty good stuff. 2 brownies builds a nice baseline for a bowl or two. not quite how i like edibles, but effective nonetheless  :confused_2:
    can't complain about that view  :smoking:
    not a bad place for a bowl :hippie:
  11. bub is stunning, pics are great

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