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  1. I know what you mean. There were definitely some douchey people at Made but I didn't talk to any of them. You could just tell.
    I flew out for a short 3 day weekend and it was great and definitely worth it. GooseFire would be way more worth it haha I'd probably take 2 days off work and make it a ballin 4day weekend if I could.
    Not dabbing makes you not cool? Then I'm the farthest from cool because I don't even get high right now :cool:
    I'll definitely make it out there before I do though, I can't deprive myself for life haha

    Yeah, Kenan is kind of a weird guy. We had a deal for a matching marble stand for like 3-4 months before he backed out saying it wasn't a top priority at the time.
    He also recently told a friend of mine that his mind isn't really geared towards functionals right now so my friend asked for his $750 deposit back.
    I'm just not understanding the way he operates.

    As far as snorkel carbs go, never used one personally but my understanding is that when you clear, the air passage from the carb is coming from the bottom, still going through the way. Air from a regular carb comes in straight from the side.
    I guess snorkel carbs help clear the chamber better. I know on my old push bub with a regular carb, some smoke would be left over.

    100% speculation and I may be talking out of my ass :laughing: :bolt:

    BTW, that sandwich pic is one of the best pictures in here. If it wasn't for you telling me there was Swiss on it, I would try to pull it right through my screen for myself.
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    what can you say, i guess glass attracts all types.:rolleyes: how'd you like chicago? i hear it is a great city. but yeah, i feel like not dabbing is looked down upon at this point or something. all the more power to you if you aren't smoking though man that's awesome! i wasn't smoking for 4 months straight and i went to a music festival, and you know how the rest of that story goes.

    the thing about Kenan is that he makes a living doing what he wants to do, which is blow glass. and i guess his work is in such demand he can be choosy about which projects he decides to pursue. just curious, what was your friend interested in getting when he made such a deposit? i was somewhat interested in getting a bubbler from him at one point but he said he wouldn't do one, if was going to make any larger functional piece it would have to be a mini tube, and he wouldn't even think about it for less than a grand. i think he's a decent guy and his work is super functional, but i guess you just gotta either get him at the right time or wait for him to make the piece you want on his own accord because he seems to be oddly selective about the work he does choose to do. never really done business with anyone quite like him, but whatever, guess you gotta deal with it if you want some Kenan work in your life:p your marb is fuckin killer btw. i want that Rose Roads collab, but it's NFS and i'm sure he'd want CRAZY money for that thing.

    perhaps the snorkel clears the chamber better but it does nothing for the smoke in the first downstem. which sucks, and then when you let go of the carb, the bowl is so cherried it lets a huge plume of smoke up. push bubblers used to be my favorite method of smoking but i'm quickly getting reminded of how difficult they can be :eek: all the same though, it's an amazing piece and just what i wanted.

    dude those sandwiches are fuckin bomb. idk where you live (don't recognize the area code and too lazy to look it up ha) but if you've got a which wich near you, fucking go to that shit, they are on point! also, if you're ever in richmond, va try out stuffy's. my dad used to go there when he was growing up and introduced me to it and i've never had a sandwich as incredible as that place. there is no amount of hype that place couldn't live up to. they have a big steamer that steam heats the sammies to perfection without getting soggy. it's next level shit for sure. why no love for swiss man?? the TSG will take over the world! hahaha

    been shootin the shit with my buddy (he's on here as tdo420) who lives out in md and he's been talking about coming out, a fellow glasshead! :hello: he's bringing his chris vargas mini tube and some other good shit to enjoy while he's out here, so there'll be some epic sesh videos/ reviews and such. he wants to run some flower and try dabbing the CaC bubbler through the carb like an outie bellybutton. we'll see how that goes.

    here's my buddy's custom he just got

    worked in maryland colors to match a filla belt buckle he has, and it has a fat mib on the back big enough to be used as a handle. can't wait to try it!

    sick wig wag base with a filla squeezed into it, dope!
  3. Got the Carlson out for some shots that do it some justice:D also have some decent video of the wicked sands tiny tube before the tree broke that i'm gonna edit and upload here soon. commencing another dump :hello:

    some Krypt Kush




    i love the profile of this piece and the angle of the mouthpiece/ neck. you look straight down on the bowl! sick!!

    looks good next to the fountain

    the money shot




  4. That is so sick! Love that mini too

  5. Chicago was a really cool city. I've never lived in or real near one but I've been to NYC and Chicago now once each and I've loved em both. I mostly love being able to walk outside and around the block to go eat and there are way more ways to meet people than in fucking Sarasota where I live (I hate FL so much).
    I''ve been pot free since April 28th of this year, except when I went to Chicago and smoked all weekend with my buddy. Great time. One of his friends bought some weed off Magweedo of the CCC and we smoked it out of his old school AK/Sarah chillum while talking with Mike Gong. Pretty cool haha

    Definitely no WhichWich in Sarasota though, we mostly have nationwide chains and a few little family owned restaurants. We're one of the top retirement cities in the country and our beach was named #1 in the country as well sooo.....lots of old people and a handful of tourists. Not really my thing haha.

    My friend was getting a minitube off Kenan but he just wasn't feeling functional pieces so he asked for his money back. I'm guessing he would've gotten to it eventually but I can understand not wanting to just wait around being out $750+ knowing the artist won't be putting his heart into it.
    He's a complex dude that's for sure. From my experience, most artists are just excited to have some creative freedom and I know he would've with that piece.
    I do love the marble of his I own and I doubt I'll ever sell it although he has left somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth with backing out on my stand and my buddy not getting his toob.
    I guess it's harder for me to understand what he's feeling since I'm not any sort of artist.

    The RoseRoads collab marble IS fucking insane. I can't wait to see how the Eusheen collab marbles turn out.
    I'd reaaally love to see a Tiemeyer/Gong or Tiemeyer/Saito collab, just baller fume everyfuckingwhere.

    I never really enjoyed push style bubs a whole lot but I probably would more so now. I really got back into dries for a bit and used my old sherlock with a tiny bit of water for a lil natty perc action. It was really nice. I'd still have it if I had any reason to use it.

    That custom mini tube is sick! The base is fucking killer. Is that the Vargas?
    And the carb on the CAC looks big enough to bellybutton through, never thought about doing that. I'd love to see some CAC milks at some point, bet it looks nice filled up behind those weaves.

    And this is what happens when I get into talking with other glassheads, fucking pages of text hahahaha
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    yeah man, big cities are cool. i don't think i could live in one, but my plan is to live in a heavily wooded area and be able to drive to a city. best of both worlds imo! a buddy of mine was born in sarasota, he didn't seem to like it much either. not much of a scene in FL, plus my uncle got busted with an oz in ft. lauderdale. from what i understand he got a real hard time from the local police with that...

    but dude the CCC guys are super down to earth, back when i was dabbing i hit magweedo's siegel pendant rig and i was gonna hit shane's macaroon until chubbs the hot head stepped in and demanded to rip it second. there's actually a video of it on the nuggetry website, i'm in background and chubbs' dab doesn't fully vape and it gets all over the nail. i was like fuck it... but yeah toph hooked me up with a fatty and even offered my girl one too! great dude! chubbs just ticks me off though... but damn, that must be really old school sarah hasn't blown glass in a minute from what i hear. definitely something to hold onto. quick question.. did you decide to stop for personal reasons or otherwise? not trying to invade your privacy i just see a lot of people quitting not because they are forced to but they feel they should, which is cool. i'd definitely rather things be that way. i'm just enjoying it and functional art as much as i can until i can't anymore or feel i should stop, and then i'll do what you do. collect some bad ass non functional shit! i gotta say i was about to swoop your lawdog, that sherly is really dope.

    i totally understand where your friend was coming from though, i was somewhat disappointed when kenan showed me my options, but yeah. after having the piece in hand and smoking it and letting it get a little dirty so the fume comes through more i REALLY like this thing. the whole is fuckin huge though, you need a fat plug nug to keep from getting scooby snacks. sort of annoying, but it's something you deal with i guess. his chillum is honestly perfectly shaped. my buddy has one similar and dropped it from 4 ft off the ground onto the concrete sidewalk and it just bounced and he caught it. lol atleast you know they're made well... haha. the spoon weighs a fuck ton too, super solid. all in all i'm happy, but idk how soon i'll be giving KT any of my heard earned dollars. however, i do wanna see more collabs like you said, dude seems to be too much of a recluse. he's an unknown in the functional game it seems... i wanna see some fuckin wicked fumed out sovs or something crazy. working alone/ with your shopmate has got to get boring...

    but yeah dude, push bubs were my bread and budder;). a hammer push bub popped my thc cherry and idk i always thought it was the epitome of convenient but enjoyable experience. i remember coming from my minimum wage jobs to my parents' house, sit in this huge suede bean bag chair i had, and load up the ol $40 gas station bub with some mid grade and just smoke and never feel so relaxed. can't beat the old days though, huh? :eek: but yeah, i'm having a revival of less-functional piece love. i was going to start a dry collection, i've already got the 2 kenans and a shelbo krylon dry and instead of the carlson i was gonna swoop a fucking INSANE dale sommers sherly from 42 degrees. but i still got my basketweave;) i needed some basketweave.

    yeah that's my buddy's vargas. he's bringing it out in january i think and we're gonna throw down on some nice, high quality review/ smoking videos. gonna HAVE to put my dabbin socks on i guess, because i wanna get the full mini tube experience. i will say vargas gave him a hard time on that tube though, he ended up shipping it out like 2 weeks later then he said he would. and he took creative liberty with all those black sections and didn't give him the 3 mibs my friend asked for. all in all he threw in a (non matching) chillum to make it all better. meh. my friend is happy, the custom looks good imo and it's over now so there's nothing to really do but enjoy the piece and smile smile smile.

    the carb is definitely big enough for a belly button dab or two, plus the second chamber always bubbles so it should work decent. the dude coming out is one of my original smoking buddies so we usually go all out when we have a chance to sesh, especially since we're both glass's always a good time though.

    but forreal dude, i'm kind of a talker when you get me goin on glass and shit. i thought maybe your liking of that last post was the universal "i don't feel like responding to all that" maneuver. lol! but thanks for stoppin by my thread man, it's been a pleasure having you so far! :wave: hopefully this sob gains some momentum, it's no fun putting in all this work if so few people check it out. thinking asking chris if he'd be willing to make something to match the dub bub, maybe a slide?? a sherly would be dope too, but i think that's out of my range... the idea of a matching set gets me fuckin giddy though:D

    EDIT: someone talk me out of this if this is a dumb idea, but thinking of getting the circular basketweave section in a steal your face tattoo...
  7. That bubbler is sick dude, I love that orange and the basket weave on it is perfect!
  8. thanks peeled, i'm about to bust it out for some halloween bowls before i hit the sack:cool: i promise there will be a photo-worthy milk shot of it up in this thread hopefully by tonight or tomorrow.


    also bought a peli for the CaC. first piece deserving of a pelican and i think it looks pretty sweet all matched up. happy halloween you guys! :wave: :bongin:

  9. Haha Sarasota. my family has a timeshare on that #1 beach you speak of. Best burger I've ever had was at a place just off that beach.

    Not surprised at all, but I do wish I was in town for that. I hope they host a dope event when I'm home this winter.

    Never realized you had a thread on here man, hope you don't mind some contribution. I forgot to ask you earlier, but the slide arrived, right?
    [ame=]Toro Micro 7/13 Dellene Peralta Yoda - YouTube[/ame]

    I'll have to hit up Which Wich if it's as good as you say it is Curious, I got one 2 blocks from me.
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    Hahahaha I'm too young to be a HUGE Grateful Dead fan so it'd be bad for me but I don't think you'll regret it. I wanna get a retti or filla tatted on my shoulder blade or forearm eventually :smoke:

    I'll definitely be sticking around this thread, maybe you'll hop over to mine :p

    @Magnificent, WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THAT BURGER PLACE. Burgers make up like 80% of my diet and Siesta Beach is only like 20mins away, might be going down this weekend when my girlfriend comes over. Was it a chain or a little local place?

    Also, I just saw this on MADE's facebook page
    "TRISTAN and MR GRAY coming to MADE on DEC. 8th for our XMAS party....

    in case you havent seen their work.. here's a COLLAB they did recently with our good friend N8...


    happy holiDAZE"

  11. man i'm a pretty young dude myself, only into my second year of college but i haven't found a band i like better than the Dead. definitely resonate with their music on a different level than most other acts. i have a pretty amazing experience on a certain three letter acronym :hippie: listening to Dark Star Orchestra play Fire on the Mountain at a music festival a few years back. plus my dad has always played the Dead when i was growin up and i've ALWAYS found a song to relate to by them for whatever i'm feeling.

    dude you thread is kick ass! talk about a baller ass mib collection... WOW! you gotta be a happy dude when you see all that glass :D

    damn dude! mr. gray?? you gotta be goin to that! tristan ain't too bad himself. that's who elbo collab'd with to make that wicked ass dragon right?
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    damn didn't even see you posted, man! but yeah, it was a thread for the toro diffy/ 8 in the first post but i'm kinda half assing a collection thread here i guess. i need an outlet for all the glass talkin i like to do ;)

    i welcome relevant contribution, especially since that's my 7/13 now haha. but man you put just a tiny bit of water in that thing, i got it filled up more than twice as much as that.

    and yeah dude i got the slide, thanks for gettin that out. never hurts to have a back up pinch slide. :hello:

    damn just realized i promised a milk of the CaC, well i tried but it didn't really come out as well as i hoped for. i'll try in better lighting, and in the meantime i would like to work on a video for the 7/13...

    also wanted to update everyone, applying for my recommendation again tomorrow. i had it for one year and it ran out in june and i was on hiatus for a long while during that time, then came back to it and my original doctor's office had closed down by then. tomorrow i'm going to a new doctor, so i'm hoping i can pick up from my favorite dispensary by the end of the day and get some really bomb nugs in this thread. they just got in some "vegan organic grand reserve headband" :smoke:

    EDIT: just going to edit this post since i've made a handful of consecutive ones already... i ended up getting recommended for another year :D had a new dr, and he was super friendly the office was decent, not extremely nice. in and out in under 20 minutes, and i was on my way. it was very close to me and in a nicer part of town than dispensaries and marijuana dr's offices usually are, so that was very reassuring to me. i don't like feeling like i have to drive far or into a bad part of town to get my meds. anyhow, i ended up getting a wild hair and drove north to get some pure kush from MMRC. ended up with Dave's PK, 91 Hollywood PK and Skywalker x Jack Herer. mostly picked based on smell but the 91 is COVERED in trichs. i hope i can get some good shots for you guys. cheers, about to pack up a bowl of this pure kush to unnnnnnnnnwiiiiiiind after a long day of driving and dr's visits. heheh.
  13. this thread needs some HD shots!

    CaC packed up with some Krypt Kush (meh...)

    the toro lookin purdy

    some 91 Hollywood Pure Kush, some amazing bud! :hello:

    best shot at a close up... definitely very nice, frosty, smells like super sugary lucky charms marshmallows with earthy undertones. made a review video, gonna see if there's anything redeemable to make into a video!
  14. bump! no love for the pic dump? :confused:
  15. Definitely great shots.
    I'll edit in a better reply when I wake up, busy weekend haha
  16. maybe a crazy mutha fukka named Ice Cube can bring some interest to my thread...

    [ame=]N.W.A- Straight Outta Compton - YouTube[/ame]

    cheers guys, gonna smoke some of this dave's pk and nice and loosey goosey
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    I hear you, like I said I definitely dig their music, just not the most :)
    My parents never listed to a lot of cool stuff, my mom listened to a lot of Christian music, my grandma mostly country and my dad listened to generic oldies, all of which I enjoy just not the most. I love my ska and reggae :smoke:

    I'm definitely happy with what I've got, especially since I just got a display case and organized it all, just need to get more gem cases now!

    And I wish I could go back to Made for the Tristian/Gray show but I wouldn't be buying anything and I'm not spending cash to fly out just to look at stuff, especially since the dude I stayed with last time just moved to LA haha

    Maybe all the text between you and I are turning people off lol lurkers just like pictures
    Although, my thread is full of pictures and I try to keep it mostly text free and I get no love either.
    Probably because I have no pipes :bolt:
  18. lol c'mon man, i know you wanna go baller status and pick up a gray pendy :devious: i want one of those nug pendants BAD they are they shit! but even in medical state with a medical card and all, i'd still feel like i'd be getting a good bit of bad publicity wearing that.

    meh, if it is keeping people, then whatever. i'm usin my thread for what i like. i try to stay good about putting pictures up, but usually i add them at late hours and the city's usually dead then anyways. plus everything i throw up is basically what i'm taking as i go along. i need a stock pile of photos to just throw up here when things get slow.

    yeah, you're unfortunately in a much lesser-known and appreciated section of glass. i dig mibs, i would really like to add one to my collection someday. not sure if you saw the kobuki samurai marble, it's pretty sick man.


    and some of that reggae for ya, flammz

    Toots and The Maytals - High Sierra Music Festival 2012 - YouTube

    an awesome show! but i was scorchin' in that heat. atleast 100 degrees in that dry california heat.
  19. I'm always lurking your thread man, I forget to reply most of the time though haha. Keep posting, I can't be the only one lurking!
  20. thanks man, glad people are enjoyin it :cool: what do you guys like to see most? i wanna bring the best content possible.:)

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