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    yes sir, it is indeed some Tiemeyer work. late 2010 piece, been my longest owned pipe and probably one of the most functional and attractive. got a little pipe art from him coming soon as well, i'm extremely excited to see what he does. thanks for stoppin by! :wave:

    i hear ya man! a break does the body good every once in a while. and it was 200" :eek: 200' sounds epic though hahah[/quote]

    Oh shit.. Lol

    I definitely read that as 200' :laughing:

    Not so sure about the doing the body good part, but thanks for the good vibes.. :eek::wave:
  2. nice pieces bro
  3. well there was a point not so long ago that was not smoking for about 4 months and admittedly, i felt great. i was pretty reliant on the herb for sleep, hunger, and to keep my anxiety down but now it's nice to medicate and enjoy it rather than feeling like i need it to be hungry, sleepy or not anxious.

    thanks man:D

    ziggy's been the shit. for anyone who doesn't know, ziggy is my chillum's name. haha.
  4. here's a new HD sesh vid :D
    enjoy guys! :wave:

    [ame=""]Toro Diffy to 8 arm HD - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Canon 7D with an 18-135mm kit lens. Still learning and trying to get better. I'm more of a photographer haha.
  6. traded some messages with Preston of SGW and Mike Shelbo about possibly doing a bit of documenting of their work, AND i got a quick release plate for my tripod, so now it's fully funktioning! :D bbbbbump, get ready for some cool stuff GC! oh yeah and my latest glass purchase just landed on my side of the country a few hours ago so i can't wait to bring you guys that too!
  7. Ooh, documenting their work sounds really neat. Looking forward to seeing that.
  8. yeah thinking of getting some of shelbo's sculpturing work and possibly preston constructing a waffle perc or something. definitely wanna get some variety and i know preston has a shopmate, hex, so if he's into then all the better! i'm stoked for this, gonna be less interview-centric than sling's degenerate art. hopefully more art-y. gonna bring you guys the rough cut ASAP!:wave:
  9. So I got my glass today, guess its time to spoil the surprise. It's a Kenan spoon, a double honeycomb. I had a choice between two pipes and chose one but he sent the other... Really not feeling the spoon I got. :\

    What I got, not a fan of those dichroic hearts...



    What I wanted



    Kinda disappointed I've been pretty stressed lately. Not being able to sleep much and my grandmother is doing poorly. Its silly to think a small glass purchase would help that but I atleast expected the spoon I asked/ paid for... :(
  10. If he sent you something other than what you paid for you need to contact him, that's bad business. What's he gonna do, send you a bad order or something?
  11. well technically i paid and then made a decision, because those two pieces were made for me and then i had the option of picking one. he showed me them before the kilning process and i originally let him know i'd probably want the one i got, but then after the kiln process took place the fuming was really apparent and i decided i liked the other one better. i let him know when he again, asked which one i liked, and i thought we had an understanding on which one it was. it didn't help that he named the pictures 1-1.5 and sent the spoon after the first one, so it was second in line but labelled number 1. he clarified and i thought all was well, spoon shipped out SUPER quick, i mean he sent it friday from western va and it arrived at my house in san diego this morning. pretty quick. i was stoked when i got home from my first class to see the package, i tore that shit open and found the spoon that i decided i did NOT want and i was admittedly pissed and disappointed. i've been waiting to get this thing in my hands since almost this time last month, which isn't an unreal amount of time but i'm so damn impatient it feels like an eternity. either way, i gave the pipe a really good inspecting when i got home today. i might just keep it. man i just like that the other one has so much more color though, the stem is super fumed on it and mine almost looks clear. i'm assuming the fuming will get pretty noticeable after i use it, if i decide to. either that, or kenan's just not very passionate about pipes anymore. the way it sits is, i do like the pipe i have. i don't hate it or anything. but i like the other one a bit more, and it was a good deal of money. i'm not sure if i wanna put up swapping it out though... decisions decisions

  12. oo0o0 i like the color scheme/pattern on that one!
  13. Whoa! I'm really digging that Shelbo krypton can chillum!!
    Would you be so kind as to tell me where someone could find something similar? (apologies if you've already told someone else, I didn't read both pages)
  14. welp, kenan made good and is sending the correct spoon out tomorrow. should be here by the weekend. i'll post up some pics of the one i've got though, i had fun photographing it.
  15. Congrats man!!
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    as promised:




    i also do set photography. here's some stuff i'm working on for someone's film. genre is 70s exploitation, none of my photos have received post processing unless otherwise stated. enjoy guys!


    think we're gonna make that one a silhouette of the 4.



  17. ^Hell yeah, any idea on when you're going to do that with preston? I'd be down as hell to cruise over and dab with you guys while you're filming.
  18. like i said, i've traded a couple messages with him but nothing set in stone (no pun intended:D) yet. i know preston's got a kid and all, and school just started. he's been busy between that, his work and the shop he's building a few doors down. it's understandable he's hard to get a hold of. i spoke more about with hex (his shopmate) a couple days ago. i'd like to solidify something in the next couple days because i wanna shoot some in their current shop. but yeah man, if preston's cool with it, you should definitely roll through i'd love to meet some fellow blades :wave: i'm gonna shoot hex a message and see what's good with a solid date to gather some material.

    everyone keep your eyes peeled, there should be some pretty worth while shit making its way into this thread!

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