Curious Growing Concept.

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  1.  i was wondering what you thought about this.
    The very chemical thc protects the plant from uv rays in research, i have found. The uv rays present in a grow does effect the potency of marijuana positively with forcing the plant to produce one of its natural protect agents UVR8 protein which senses uv rays and ends up producing more thc to protect the plant one problem is that the plant will end up yielding less because of stress and depletion of resources but i was wondering if you used the diluted molasses in water method wouldn't that give the plant what it needs for a massive yield and potentially produce some BOMB bud with a nitrogen rich soil fertilizer.  

  2. You got very in depth on that explaination for such a simple question!
    I dont know, the specific's to your answer, but many people brew tea with molassas to support microbial reproduction (food source) and people also water with molassas water directly. 
    The direct watering of molasses + water is normally held out on until flower, assuming for the reasons you've stated in your statement.
    side note: if your growing guerilla - deer are attracted to molasses water.

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