curious; do you smoke in your room?

Discussion in 'General' started by littlegirl, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. i know a lot of people have to go outside or burn riding
    bu how many people are lucky enough to just sit back in they're room and smoke?
    i just put the music on, turn of the moniter sit back and chill
  2. I can smoke in my room depending on the time of year and how long I have the house to myself. Nothing like some good tunes, the window down and fan blwing, and a little mariokart and a blunt.
  3. I smoke in the master bathroom with the door shut, window open, and a fan in the window, and the rest of the house still smells of dank. SO I spray orange chronic after I am done.
  4. i had a box fan in the window for the summer time and some small profile computer fans for the winter smoking when I lived at home. With the constant negative pressure, I'd be able to smoke with my parents in the next room. the flick of the lighter was the only indicator of what I was doing. I'm glad that bullshit is long behind me.
  5. I usually kick back in my room, sometimes i'll go to the garage so i can play the bass, guitar or fuck around on my brothers drums :smoke:

    If it's nice outside i'll sit in the back yard on this old rocking chair i have back there and smoke a bowl.
  6. JAMAICAN HOTBOX!!!!!! I have this tiny ass bathroom with a shower, so I smoke it up in there with a insanely hot shower running, it gets super steamy and the steam bonds with the smoke, it actually gets you higher, if you have a tiny bathroom with a shower, try it.
  7. that sounds fun.
    we have one of those old fashion wooden swings
    its great for smoking on summer nights....

    is ready for warm weather..
  8. In my room I always smoke with the window open and a fan next to me.
  9. I do but I'm not really supposed to.
    However when you strap a huge-ass fan in the opposite direction in the window, so it blows air outside, well..
    It's just peachy.

    Nothing beats hitting the bong and then falling backwards onto your bed.
  10. My living room gets hotboxed pretty much every night.
  11. all the time
  12. Sitting in my living room smoking a bowl as I speak.
  13. im sitting in my room smoking a bowl
    i coughed. into my ashtray. now my desk lies beneath
    a layer of ash.

  14. I've done this before.
  15. I keep my dugout next to the bed. I usually take a hit to make me sleepy or first thing in the morning to get my day going.
  16. I'm free to frolic and smoke anywhere i please in my house. I prefer to smoke in my hookah room, I don't enjoy having to wash all the walls every month.
  17. Yeah, my room hooked up with comfy chill spot with a HDTV, an iBook to play tunes from on my speakers right behind the fouton.. Rippin one of the bongs in my signature is amazing, just being lazy and not having a care in the world.
  18. i smoke whereever i wish in my house, outside inside on the roof whateva!

    mostly its in my bedroom or the living room because im always sleeping and partying when im at home
  19. In the dorm, I grab my bong from her lockbox and set it on the window sill. Have music goin and the fan blowin out along with some ozium and not a care in the world.

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