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  1. So Its at day 74 and has solid white pistils and no calyx hardly showing. I have been growing for 20 + years and usually have no problem when to pick a plant but this thing has solid white pistils, with no swollen calyx. About half or more of the fan leaves have yellowed and died off but cuz of the state of the pistils I have not checked it till today. There are about 10-15% amber tricombes which is way different than any plant I have grown so far. Any input on this plant or when to pick? I snapped two pics but cant post them yet(have to resize, bla bla bla) but will when I get some time.
  2. I had a strange sativa-dom white widow pheno that did the same thing to me last week 11, the pistils were all still snow white will very little calyx swelling, but all the fan an bud leaves had yellowed up and died off and 10-20% of the trichs were amber.

    In the end i chopped based on what the trichomes were telling me, and it turned out great.
  3. Thanks so much for the reply, it truely helps alot. Hate to chop a plant with 100% white pistils, but an early cut about 2 weeks ago showed it was tasting sweet. Never had the strain before. Again, thanks for the post, and if anyone else has anything to add, please do so.
  4. Well I did chop and it was/is very good stuff. I have another going at the moment. Probably only flowering for about 4 weeks or so but I think I am going to let this one go for longer. Any other info that anyone has or links to some jack herer grows is more than welcome.
  5. How long did you leave your other plant mate- mine are 12 weeks old- all the pistols are brown but the trichomes aren't going amber
  6. I went 13 weeks and 4 days. 92 days i believe. It tasted way better and more potent for sure. It still had 75% white hairs and very little amber. Like only a few pistils. I will let it go a full 14 next time or more. Have one at about 4-5 weeks now. Sorry for the late response. Hope you dont pick till 14 weeks. You wont be sorry.
  7. No worries- that information has helped so my h and really put my mind at rest- they at day 91 at the moment and I've had them in the dark for 2 days to try and make em mature abit.

    I've got plants waiting to go in at the moment and tomorrow is really the last day I can leave it but that will put them at day 92 which should hopefully give some good results.

    This is the green house version I have and they say 8 weeks- I know I don't have perfect conditions but that is a long way out.

    If one pheno finishes in 8 weeks and one 14 then they should put a period to harvest I think but the plants them selves are great- no Hermes, duds or mutants

    Thanks again mate
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  8. I have 2 of these gs jack herer plants currently in week 9 . They aren't doing very good for me at all . The branches are very gangly and thin with lots of small scruffy rubbish little buds on the leaves have been very strange as well loads of extra small leaves bunched together really not impressed with this strain at all compared to my others I have growing along side them . Do any of you have any pictures you could post so I could see how you're ones look please ? And like yours mine are no we're near ready yet so looks like ill be in for a very long wait if they go 14 weeks I feel like giving up on them at the thought of 5 more weeks of waiting :(
  9. Jack Herer, I like it alot. My next grow will have some of them in. Used to grow it all the time, but wanted to try other kinds. I found that if you scrog the plants with too many bud sites, the buds are loose and branches are weak. This time around I will only cut the tip off the top branch, early in life, and I believe buds will be bigger and tighter. This Jack Herer that has been cloned and passed around for the last 8 years is still my favorite. Very nice high and finishes in proper time. :yummy:   
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