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Curious about rat poison and other dillutants

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by pyrogenix, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. How common is it for random dealers to splice rat poison in? Is there any way to detect it?

  2. I've never heard of anyone lacing weed with rat poison. Crap like that is normally used to lace coke/heroin because a low dosage will make the product feel stronger. But from what I've heard the high for those are completely different then weed and rat poison in weed would be pretty obvious.
  3. Yep, some hard drug dealers will add some strychnine (rat poison) for just that reason. I've never, ever heard of it being added to cannabis, and if it were one would immediately taste a nasty chemical taste. People would also be dropping dead from it so it would have been all over the news.
  4. Truth be told, I know for a fact you can't taste it smoked in, at least, the lethal amounts that wouldn't be excessive.

    However, strichnyne breaks down when burned, so unless you're vaping then it's not likely to hurt you anyway.

    But, the biggest reason of all, is that the ONLY time a weed dealer will lace weed (with the exception of opium, crack, or heroin, which we'll discuss later) is if they're trying to kill you.
    This is incredibly rare amongst pot dealers. However amongst meth and heroin dealers it can happen often, if a customer is being reckless and putting the dealer at risk of getting caught. Remember, weed dealing has serious penalties, but meth/crack/heroin/etc. is A HELL OF A LOT more severe.

    * Some weed is cracked or doped to make it more valuable and 'better'. This almost never happens on accident, because crack and dope is EXPENSIVE. You'll know before you buy it if it's been cracked or doped. Same for dusted (PCP), wettened (Hallucinogenics), or FUBAR'd (Salvia'd)
    Dealers aren't dumb, and they don't think you're dumb either. They won't slip anything in that would be noticeable in your high, because that'd frighten the fuck out of you if you don't expect it, and you'd never buy from them again. That's just bad business and dumb.
  5. haha i find that part funny
    all the dealers i know are pretty dumb
    and they all think im dumb
    because they used to try and rip me off
  6. Don't confuse 'thinking you're dumb' with 'KNOWING you're dumb'.

    A dealer always assumes you know WTF you're doing, until you show any signs you don't. Then they'll rape you.
  7. This is what i don't get about people sketching out about getting laced weed. The dealer wants to make money. Your money in his pocket means good business. Why would he want to sell you rat poison laced weed and get a bad rep for selling death pot? There's no logic in this.
  8. I know..
    Theres no reason to worry about rat poison in bud lol
  9. oh dude, thats the good shit.

    rat poison.

    can you say dank?

    rat poison?
    on weed?
  10. Now I dont believe weed really gets laced. But there is definite benefits to a dealer for lacing.

    1) users are going to get more high your weed compared to others weed ( cause u laced it)
    2) customers will want to come back more if your weed is the best (common sense)
    3) they reel in a ton of customer base because of your bud fuckin people up

    Now this situation is unlikely but a dealer wouldnt be loosing money lacing his buds really you figure he is going to up the price or he isnt using an amount that he cant atleast break even or make more money.
  11. You're going to have to cite a source for that one.
  12. the only time ive heard of weed being poisoned was some dude who got weed sprayed with oven cleaner. when he was taken to the hospital they treated him for heroin overdose and fucked his nervous system up pretty bad. dude looks and talks like a stroke victim now.

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