curiosity killed my mom

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  1. last night i thought my mom was working (she usually works night shifts, 6-6, or 10-6 w/e) so i had some freinds over.

    it started me and one of my boys and than another one of my boys came over with some chicks. well were all chillin, and my mom comes home.
    she walks into me on the couch in my underwear with 4 other people here.
    i greet her with a smile and introduce the girls to her since she knew everyone else or at least had seem them before.

    so my buddy goes and picks up some budds for us all to smoke which we were gonna smoke at my crib, but i though we would have to go somewhere cause my mom came home. well my mom asked me how blunts work, so i showed her a blunt and basically explained it to her.

    later on when my buddy came back, i asked my mom if she wanted to see me roll. i have never shown my mom weed before or anything so this was knew for both of us. i rolled up two blunts and showed her how i did it and than we were about to leave to go smoke and i ballzed up enough to ask if we could smoke on my back balcony. to mine, and everyone elses surprise, she said "idc i just dont want you gettin arrested"

    my mom chilled on the couch as me and my freinds got lit right outback.

    it was definatly a benchmark ass experience with my mom if i ever had one. oddly enough i feel guilty about it, and probably wont ask her to let me do it again, but i said to her i felt like i was taking advantage and she responded to me with "no, i was just curious you didnt do anything deceitfull its okay"
  2. We should have tried it when my friend's mom came home 4 hours early yesterday.

    Instead we just grabbed the zong outside and left.
  3. wow... thats awesome dude.....
  4. for some reason i was expecting a story about your mom dying
  5. thats pretty cool man

    wish my folks were like that.
  6. you scared the shit out of me. i thought your mom died.

  7. Same here...
  8. Ditto
  9. Sometimes we "older ladies" can surprise you young uns! You got a good Mom, do something real nice for her! She deserves it! :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  10. Wait, you showed her the blunts, how to roll, and you didn't ask her if she wanted in? Shame on you! :smoke:
  11. Well I'm sure glad your mom is still alive.
  12. That's cool that your mom is smart enough not to chastise you just for smoking pot. I take solace in the fact that my mom realizes how harmless it is. I guess I take it for granted to not have to jump when someone knocks at my door or be paranoid that someone knows I'm smoking - nobody in my family cares. You shouldn't have to feel guilty about it.
  13. the only thing you should feel guilty about is not lettin your mom in your circle..

    if she was as cool with it as you said, odds are she smokes/used to smoke.

  14. So you smoked and then came back in and killed your mom?
  15. you should have asked her to smoke with you ... ask her to smoke just with you sometime. id love to smoke with my mum but she is so against "drugs"....oh well....
  16. Lol, me too man. Was expecting him to offer his Mom a blunt, and she would end up getting caught by the police while she was smoking it outside on the deck. With no where to run, she would have jumped down off her deck, falling to her death.

    Me and my damn imagination :smoking:
  17. I dunno man, I was picturing a shootout of sorts. His mom firing off every last bullet to her death. One hand on the blunt and one on the glock that sorta thing. Disappointment imo :smoking:
  18. someone told me your mom died.sorry

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