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  1. This is for the people that have actually cured their crops. What method do you use? How long does it take to cure. Would you say it's worth it, and what kind of difference in potency is there?

  2. Re: Curing

    Last year we had 13 plants. Of the 13, 2 were male. They got yanked as soon as we could sex them.

    Of the 11 remaining plants, they yielded about 4 pounds of very nice seedless smoke (sens).

    When they reached maturity, we cut them down, and hung them in a dark closet upside down for about 3 weeks.

    There was so much we ran out of closet space, and had to lay some on the floor.

    After three weeks total time (I was WAYYYY too impatient), we stripped and bagged it. We bagged it in ziplock bags. In hindsight, I wish I had given it another two weeks or so, because even though it felt dry to the touch, there must have been some significant moisture there because after bagging, right behind that intense lucious herb smell I could detect a faint smell of mildew.

    Give your stuff plenty of time. Dont make the mistake I did and bag it too soon.

    Good luck! :)
  3. Hang in a cool dark place with a slight breeze blowing. After a couple of weeks when the secondary stems would snap, strip it down and plac ein airtight glass jars. Open the jars every other day for a couple of hours to breathe. On occassion, turn the bud in the jar to check for mold and to make sure it all gets some fresh air. After a week of curing in the jars add some citrus-type peel to the jar to add a nice aroma and taste to the bud. Continue the jar opening for a couple hours for a month and then you can seal the jars tight. Open them up when you to get a smoke. It keeps longer this method and gives your smoke a sweet mellow taste.
  4. BPP, did the citrus taste come out in the smoke? Or did it just make it smell good?

    and the million dollar question, how did it smoke/taste?
  5. can i cure my plants in a tree fort that has a water proof ceiling but hardly any walls?
  6. no token, with no walls, muchos light will get in.

    Light degrades THC
  7. so that means, once your bus seems to its max yield and crystals are nice and formed and ready to be harvested, you want to take them out of the light as soon as possible?

    bud can grow mold? Is that bad? Can you just take it off?
  8. too bad there isnt a away to grow in complete darkness:(

  9. the mold will eat away the THC and such, so taking it off will be already too late, after the damage has been done.

    and Light only degrades THC after the buds/stem is seperated from the growing plant.

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