Curing with Bananas?

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    Yes, curing fruit with bananas will quicken the ripening process of fruit. Try sticking an avocado in a bag with your bananas, and leaving one out.

    However MJ isn't a fruit, it's a flower. Without knowing for certain, I don't believe the same logic applies.

    Curing weed is recommended to allow off-gassing of the flowers and to decarboxylate remaining chemicals in the weed, increasing quantity. At room temperature, this is a slow process. While heat will increase the speed of the reaction, it will also increase other reactions, such as the breakdown of THC. So, a slow cure in a moderate environment with low light will be the best bet for quality curing.

    It's somewhat similar to alcohols, but quicker. Wine, scotch, whiskey, port. They all get better with time. Weed only takes a month or two to really bring out the goodness, but I've never cured longer than that, so who knows.

    My point...
    Some things just take time, my friend.

    As far as the "sketchy" fruit flavoring...when you get down to it, you're talking about esters. Using fruit means all organic esters. It may be frowned upon as a commercial trick to increase weight and alter the smell, but it's not "bad" for the bud in any way.

    A snob, or "cannaisseur" will want to taste only the flavonoids and esters produced naturally within the genotype of the plant, however adding these is at worst a faux pais and an invitation to molds. It certainly doesnt destroy the weed.

    I enjoy the tasty puff joint on occasion. Strawberry's good.

    Snik's right. You can chemically treat seeds to force females, but the seed knows if its a male/female before you germinate it.
  2. Well, there could be some truth in all of this. Nepalese people cure in lamb skin, and the people of Kashmir cure in those leaves that cover an ear of Corn/Maize. Both these techniques have been practiced from centuries, so there must be something in to for these people to still continue this practice.

  3. tradition

    also, It's akin to us using a brown paper bag...slower drying
  4. I'm doing it now lol someone sold me some shit smelling trim and i put that in a jar with two bananas and cut a slit in both of them

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  5. I learned from my mom putting slices of bread in the cookie jar that one item of moisture will release it's moisture into the arid items surrounding it. So now I use mandarin orange peels or regular orange peels.
  6. If I need to rehydrate some over dried weed I pluck a fan leaf off one of my plants and stick it in the jar. I'm fine with fresh weed rehydrating dry weed but I wouldnt ever put fruit in the jar. Just reminds me of highschool weed when people used to add smell by doing that same thing..
  7. The guy you replied to has been inactive since 2010. I'm betting he's not around anymore.
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  8. Only thing dry weed is good for is edibles
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  9. used to get nigerian bush weed back in the day. a dry solid brick full of seeds and sticks.. would cure the weed with a few small bits of apple or orange peel for a week to improve the taste. it did help with the taste but didnt make the weed any stronger..
  10. I know this is 10 years old.. actually kind of happy this method was hard to find.. not many do it almost no one does and there ant nothing about it in any youtube growers i watch.
    So to answer your 10year old question yes this is the GREATEST discovery ever. It was passed down to me and that person had it passed down to him going back to the 60s!!
    If its done right you can not only turn 1 gram into 1 1/2 grams but it makes the weed sooooooo smooth taste soooo good smell soooo good. And best of all makes it STRONGER now not just STRONGER but brun slower so if you smoke 1 joint of normal bud in a shot than you will only smoke half a joint of some "banana red" (trademark name from me the "ghetto grower") i use to flip "kind bud" and i would cure it with banana peels truning $20 a gram weed into $25 a gram weed lol... 1 banana peel can do 1lbs of weed it will add oz's worth of water weight. I had people straight up truning down the $20 gram of kind bud for the $25 gram banana red which was actually short a few points of a real gram yet $5 more lol i killed my city with that bud. And im doing it again just this time its legal love it.
    Remember where you heard it 1st "banana red" will be blowing up again soon..

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  11. Nope only if you use the banana if you just use the peel and few pieces off it the right way its like giving your weed Steroids you can do this trick with any weed. Its just a tricky process not to be done bye just anyone

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  12. You are 100% right. Well more like 80% right not bananas but plantains the work better than bananas however it works just as good. But very few people know about banana itself being a drug in itself. So when used to crue weed it just adds a little extra to it. Plus add water weight plus makes it burn slower plus it teste sooo good

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