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  1. Hello fellow gardeners. Just had my first harvest and after 3 days of drying, the buds felt really crisp and dry on the outside, but the stem did not snap when I tried to. So I left it for a day more but the buds got really dry, room temp was about 21' and humidity around 60ish. So I bottled the harvest, the idea was to burp for the first week, 30 mins. 2nd day of curing, and the buds are feeling kinda moist, top to bottom. Is that normal ? Any advice of what I could do differently? Will be harvesting second plant in a few days, will update with pics! Thanks in advance!
  2. Old dresser.
    Top drawer One of everything. Pop all weekly.
    Middle drawer long term storage. Pop all weekly.
    Bottom drawer Latest. Pop all daily for month or so.
    Every farmer has a silo. This is yours. On Sunday's I feel like Scrooge McDuck swimming in the vault.
  3. Usually I :

    Will let dry in paper bag until the outside is a little crispy.

    Then put in jar and close lid. Leave it like this for 1-4 hours. Now the outside of the bud will be moist again.

    Put all bud back in paper sack(or whatever). Let dry until outside is crispy.

    Put in jar and close lid...check on them in about a couple hours.

    Remove them from the jar again....
    You see the pattern here. I repeat these steps until the outside is nice and spongy AND!! the stems snap. :)

    Then I seal up for a cure.

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