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  1. This info was lifted off another site. It's very close to the technique I use--maybe better. I'll try it in the fall. I didn't ask the authors permission because for some reason I cannot post on the site I found it on, but i'm sure the author wants as many people as possible to have super tasty buds, so i'm sure he won't mind. Thanks a bunch Kr@ken. The dry/cure section of this forum is looking pretty sad and we really needed the help.

    "When drying your plants, dry them until the popcorn buds are completely dry but the medium and large buds are still slightly moist in the center(should be slightly squishy). This is important because you want a bit of moisture remaining in the buds before pre-curing.

    Just put your completely dried popcorn buds into jars for permanent curing(step 6).
    If you overdried your buds, just put them directly into jars for 'permanent storage' or 'curing' (skip to step 6).

    So you've gotten past the harvest, did the proper drying, and now want to pre-cure and cure your sweet nuggies of chron chron. [​IMG]

    What you need:
    1. Dried buds. Not completely dry but mostly dried.

    2. Sealable containers such as air tight jars or air tight plastic containers. Must be completely air tight sealable and easy to open. I STRONGLY recommend one quart jars and nothing bigger unless you harvest more than a half pound at a time.

    Early Curing / Precuring (I call it 'Wicking')
    1. Carefully fill containers with your buds. Fill the containers around 3/4 full of 'dried' buds. Seal containers and keep sealed for 24 hours. The buds will stick to each other and will seem to compress together.

    2. Open containers and let them breathe completely removing the covers after 24 hours. Notice the buds feel wetter on the outside surface than when you put them in there. DONT PANIC!!! This is normal. The buds are sweating moisture out from the inside of the buds. This is GOOD.
    Leave the container cover OFF and let the buds 'breathe' for 12 hours or so (half a day).

    3. Reseal the containers. Leave them sealed for 12 hours (half a day).

    4. Repeat step 2 and then step 3 again alternating back and forth.

    5. The 24 hour seal test: After a couple of days to a week of the above steps depending on bud size, how dry they were to begin with, and density and the size of the containers you used, the buds will get to the point where very little moisture is left inside and the buds will feel more firm than ever before. Seal them up for a full 24 hours again. If after 24 hours of being sealed the buds seem more moist on the outside than they were 24 hours before, then there is still too much moisture on the inside of the buds. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
    If the buds do not recompress together or do not seem moist after the 24 hour seal, then they are ready to start curing.
    After the buds have passed the 24 hour seal test move on to step 6.

    6. Jar consolidation: Well now that your buds are pre-cured they can be sealed up for storage / curing. You want the jars to be full for storage. So empty out jar(s) so you can fill the others FULL. You don't want air space in the jars when storing for curing.


    Keep in mind that the longer you keep them sealed in containers, the better the buds will taste and burn. Storing sealed pre-cured buds is curing.
    Keep your containers away from sunlight, heat, and humidity. Normal indoor artificial lighting exposure will not effect potency so using see through containers is OK. Keep the buds away from direct sunlight and direct HID lighting.

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    This could realy help some newbies ^_^

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