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  1. I'm about to harvest my first plants and have some questions about curing.
    I can't hang my buds right now for drying since I have another plant in my tent and nowhere good to hang dry the buds without letting out too much smell.

    Now I have two types of containers:

    The one on the left is a kind of container that allows for air exchange but keep contaminants out and the one on the right is a regular weed curing jar. I had decided to do water curing and I realize now that I will not be able to fill the weed curing jar with water to the top so some buds will be floating on the surface. Do you think using the container on the left will ruin the water curing process because it allows for air exchange?

    Also, I just read about air curing. Is it right that all I need to do really is put my freshly harvested buds into the weed curing jars and store in the fridge and open them once or twice a day? If so, for how long?

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  2. You arent gonna chop and immediately put into the containers are you?? That's asking for mold IMO...but I'll be the first to tell you....I am NO drying/curing expert....but I would think you need to let them dry out a bit.
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  3. You are right. I misunderstood the article I just read. It clearly says dry the buds first. Sorry.
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  4. With a water cure it's not necessary to dry your buds first but be sure to change your water daily. You can put a weight on them to keep them underwater. I don't see why you can't hang your plant in the tent with the growing plants to dry unless your humidity is too high.
  5. Oh you're good.....just glad you caught it! :thumbsup: . :passing-joint:
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  6. I'm thinking the tent will become too messy and the light is no good for drying. It's only 90x90x200 and my growing plant is around 15 cm below the lamp already. Can't push the lamp higher than this.

    If I use the container to left in the picture, all buds can be submerged. But it allows for air exchange while keeping contaminants out. Could the air exchange cause any problem for water curing? The containers are really made for growing mushroom.

  7. What Factors a Cause an "Earth" Smell

    What does curing your bud do?

    How I dry and cure.
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  8. Thanks all,

    I think I will try water curing in the filter boxes. I'm thinking a little air flow on top should not hurt the process, especially as it doesn't allow for contaminants to pass in.

    Do you think it's better to keep the water filled jars in the fridge?
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    I finally harvested my first plant today. That was a lot of work, took me almost all day and I have another plant to harvest tomorrow! But hopefully it will go much faster tomorrow since I know better what to do now.

    I water cured 2/3 of the buds and thought it would be nice to dry cure the rest to keep the flavor. I have trimmed all of the buds and cut them from the stems so I can't hang them from anywhere. I thought perhaps I could put them on a brick and let them dry in my wardrobe since it should be dark in there. Will that be enough to dry cure them?


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