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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by look closer, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. how do all of you people cure ur bud? and why does it taste like shit if u dont?
  2. I think properly curing marijuana is an art. Here's some of my observations: If the outer part of the bud becomes crispy dry, but the stem still has too much moisture (as in the case of too high of heat and too low of humidity during the drying), then when bagged the moisture in the stem suffuses the bud and it has to be dried further. I think this action is like the first cycle in composting, and generally the smell is gone or diminished as a result. If next time into the bag it still gets too wet and has to be dried yet again, the smell is gone forever, lost to the action of composting.

    This is not to say however that very fast drying can't be accomplished and maintain the smell (for example microwave) by being aware of the fact that there will be excess moisture in the stems and it can't be allowed to completely re-moisturise the bud. I have dried fairly large amounts of bud over the years in the microwave. Instead of having the crop at risk hanging from strings all over the house and smelling up the neighborhood for a couple weeks slow drying, I can dry the entire crop in a day of microwaving and a few days of stabilising it's moisture content before bagging. The smell is horrific, but only for a day. I am not advocating microwaving as the best way (and when done it is at power level 2 or 3 and veeeery slow drying), but the point is to keep the smell don't let the bud dry out too fast, leaving moisture in the stem that then re-hydrates the bud too much. Maybe one cycle you'll be ok, but more than that you risk losing the smell.

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