Curing Question: How often do you aerate the jar when curing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Spazik, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey all. So once the bud is dry enough to put in the jar for curing how often do you have to "burp" the jar. Is it once a day? I plan on curing it for like a month. Do I eventually just leave it alone and let it do it's thing or do I keep burping it the whole month?
  2. I heard once or twice a day. For as long as you want to do it.
  3. I say twice a day for 15 mins then once a day after a week
  4. Every 12 hours until the stem snaps.
  5. <sigh> I posted a link in your drying thread that shows how to cure without guessing and answers every curing/harvesting question under the sun. Now I'm so glad I took the time. Did you even open it?

  6. I did! I just got my caliber 3 hygrometer two weeks ago.
  7. Hey Bruce. Good to hear you got some use out of it. :)

  8. I'm actually glad I bought it, not only for curing, but I found it to be much more accurate than the hygrometer I was using. I'm really looking forward to using it for curing.

  9. LOL. . .as if most growers aren't opening their jars and sniffing (burping) them enough already.

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