curing question, again.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Druggerdude, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. i am not sure if this is two different ways or you do one after the other or what. first i heard you are supposed to hang the plant upside down in a dark cool place like a closet for about 2-4 weeks. then i heard you are supposed to harvest the buds on your plant and put them in an airtight jar which you open 1 a day for and hour or two. with the second method are you supposed to open to jar at a specific time and tempature so not to get moisture to cause mold.

    I heard something about curing(second method above); if its drying to fast add a citrus-type peel which will add moisture and flavor. where do u put the peel on top of the bud, below or mix in. and how many peels would i add for one plant. please help.
  2. hey ive put orange peels in my bud before too.. but u can put in as much as u want realy.. it wont affect your moisture that much.. and it makes your weed smell alot better and it gives it a good mellow flavor to it,

    u can set the peel next to the bud.. also squeeze the peel in the jar making the citrus acids squirt out all over the bud it will help alot.

    after that.. open the jar about once a day for about an hour and then close it again.. repeat for 2 weeks.. dont change the peels, for it will make it too moist in there and it wont cure very good and it will mold..

  3. do this; when you chop your plants clip all the large leaf
    you can leave the small leaf.

    use a closet

    hang them for a day. then cut the branches in easy-to- manage stalks.

    you can wait another day or you can trim the small leaf down to the bud now.

    DONT clip too close, you dont want to loose any of the bud. the small remainding leaf wont hurt dont go nuts

    hang em for about 3-9 more days just check them they will shrink a little.

    dont let them get too dry you have to check them every day no direct heat. just check depends on a lot of things.
    after you feel its done put it in a zip lock bag. if you feel it is too wet leave the bag open it will dry slowly.

    if you want moistier go to a cigar store and get a metal humidifier for $1.00 its about the size of 4 quarters with holes and a stone inside.
    good luck

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