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curing my weed

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by red hairz, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. has anyone ever just froze their weed to cure it?

    It seems like I remember someone mentioning something like this, but I got to thinking of that and thinking how this would be similar to letting the frost fall on a plant outside. It gets all black and nasty.

    What would be the difference? Just looking for alternative curing methods for smooth smoke.
  2. how many time do i have to say this...............

    never, ever put weed in a plastic bag. it draws trichomes to it, thus decreasing potentcy. damn.
  3. I never had a problem keeping my weed in a baggie before; it always seemed the same from one smoke till another, as long as I mashed the air out of it before zipping it back up.

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