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  1. when curing should the bud feel a little soft like it has some moisture left?
  2. Don't start to cure until its dry enough to smoke.
  3. Good point, and I think it should go a couple days past that even. You want your buds to be bone dry before jarring, or you will have that hay/grassy smell. Wait till they are nice and crisp on the outside, and that stems snap. They will hold that last little bit of moisture within, and this is sweated out slowly during curing which will make your buds a bit more pliable after a bit.
  4. Not trying to be rude or a dick, but the above 2 posts are wrong. Moisture in the bud is key in curing. WHen you dry your buds to the point of ready to smoke, curing does very little. A nice slow dry to get the outers of the bud crispy with a little moisture in the stems. Jar it at that point and make sure to vent the jar (or as I do, dump the jar and notice how soft and moist the the entire buds are now) leave the jar open or the buds dumped out for 5-15mins or until the buds appear crispy to the touch again, and put them back in the jars. Repeat the next day. Depending on how moist the buds are when you start that jarring process will determine how long this process will take. I have jarred buds that are still moist and they have been off the plant for almost a month now. It is that redistribution of moisture and then the eventual decrease in osmotic pressure within the buds that makes for tasty pot and perfectly cured flavor. Obviously genetics plays a huge role in what your final product is, but even the best bud dried too fast tastes and smokes like shit.
    If you want some real step by step instructions, please PM me. :smoking:
  5. Thats just your own personal method buddy. And no one said anything about the bud being dried to a crisp, you can still smoke it when the stems are not quite snappable.

    I know you must think very highly of your opinion. But it's just that friend.
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    I jar mine after two or three days hanging. Depends how they feel and then monitor and open the jars daily for a few weeks. First few days, I open the jars several times a day, after the first week, just daily.

    Right back at ya.
    Oh and for the record, you are smoking quick dried weed because people like money more than great, patiently cured, weed. IMO.

  7. You really do have to dry your buds to the point of being quiet dry on the outside. Yout buds do hold moisture in towards the center and in stems. Putting buds in jars that are not dry enough is the best way to get hay smelling weed. If you can't load it up and at least get some hits off the outside,(the very middle may not burn to a gray ash), it is time to throw in jars. Some people let buds hang for weeks before curing. It also depends on drying temps,humidity, size of buds, how much you broke your plants down,when you watered last, etc. There are many things to factor in to your drying time.
  8. iron lung makes good points. i have F up the harvest before due to jarring when i thought was dry. it really needs to hang dry out, and continue in brown bag, this insures proper drying out prior to introducing to jars. I always use good tuperware. keeps the stink better i found.
  9. Hello all,

    Since you have buds of different sizes on the plants, some dry quicker than others - what I'm doing now is taking the smaller, fluffier buds off the drying line first as they are ready before the larger ones.

    This is only common sense but I don't usually see it mentioned - so just thought I'd throw it out there! :wave:
  10. is that not what that says?

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