Curing in Vacum seal?

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  1. Just wanted to get you guys thoughts on extended curing in Vacum seal bags like would it be better to cure in jars for the first month then put in Vacum seal for 1 year. Which would maybe make mould less likely or is it better to just keep it in the jars and stop burping after a certain point
  2. Glass works best
    But I have stored in the neavy duty commercial seal bags doubled bagged and sealed twice than in freezer with no ill effect, You need to remove at the large sharp stems or they will puncture the bag with vacuumed
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  3. I believe it's foodsaver that offers a sealer for mason jars. I use that with 62% boveda packs for extended storage. I don't know if cannabis continues to cure in a vacuum. I usually vacuum seal after about two months in the jar curing. While I have used bags and they worked well, they do smash everything. That's not a bad thing, especially if storage space is at a premium. I personally would not freeze, but it's six of one half dozen of the other on freezing. If properly cured your bud will not mold especially in a vacuum. I would never seal buds with enough moisture to mold, or seal them too quickly without burping jars for awhile.
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  4. Yeap I u derstand u have to burp it for the first month but once you know longer hsvd to burp can u Vacum seal
    And allow it to keep curing or after you Vacum seal the curing process would stop?
  5. I haven't read anything conclusive on this, but you vacuum seal perishables to prevent further aging. If you vacuum seal your jars, why would you continue to burp? My recommendation (based on what I do that works) is to vacuum seal when your cannabis is completely cured. I believe vacuum seal = no further curing, but sorry, no science to back it up.
  6. Well just because there's a vacuum within the jar, doesn't mean there's no moisture.

    If you're going to vacuum seal it BEFORE they're 100% cured, make sure to add one or two of those moisture silica packets or you're just letting your buds sit in 100% humidity

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