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Curing in plastic.

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by l StayHigh l, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. I dont have many mason jars available, has anyone ever successfully cured using plastic tubberware or ziploc containers?

    Also, one question ive had that I keep getting different answers about, do you trim and manicure after harvest then dry, or do you harvest, dry ( clipping off buds, hanging them ), then manicure?
  2. I've had friends say it leaves a slight taste in the bud, but trying to stuff a lot of weed to cure in mansion jars is sometimes impracticable.

    You can do it either way you want to. Most people just manicure right after harvest because its easier than drying then manicuring since all your leaves won't be dry and brittle. Plus it takes the buds longer to dry if you don't manicure first before drying.
  3. alright.

    looks like ill be giving the plastic a shot this year!
  4. . You will not get the same results. The sealed jars allow the buds to sweat the moisture out slowly. Baggies or tupperware won't.
  5. aww just get glass man cmon you can do it please yea yea comon do it yea glass man just get some ok alright
  6. This may help you out a bit if perhaps u were thinking of using ziplock bags. You can find this at the mandala seeds website under FAQS and Guides.

  7. You know, to each his own, but I would never do that to my buds. I don't think plastic bags are a good idea. It said in that little paragraph from some other site that a paper bag will work, wtf? The bud will dry too quickly, obviously! I use paper bags to dry, not cure. And trust me, a couple weeks in a paper bag and your buds would be a crumbly mess. Again, just my experience.:smoke:
  8. Ya OBVIOUSLY it said right in that paragraph why paper bags are a bad alternative, because the buds will dry too quickly. You pointed out nothing. And many people put their buds in sealed paper bags between the drying and curing process because it is sort of like a quicker cure (in order to avoid mold or rot),

    IMO unless your a judge at the Cannabis Cup or the like, your probably not going to notice a huge difference between curing in plastic vs glass. If ziplock bags are the only thing available, then by all means just use them to cure, BUT not for long term storage. Cure them for some weeks, and if they seem to be getting too dry too fast, then make the switch.
  9. If you would learn to read instead of attacking people you would have saw he said that in his paragraph,

    Like I said L2R before replying to anything, good day sir. :smoke:
  10. Wow man, calm down! I'm cup judge or anything, but I've had my share of grows and I've cured my share of bud. What's the most you've had to "cure"? The dub you buy every couple days. I'm telling you, from MY experience, plastic is not the same thing. Why do you think EVERYONE here uses jars? Find me one person on here that puts there beautiful buds into a fuckin plastic bag. Get real man. Why would ziplocks be the ONLY thing available. You can get jars anywhere. Wash out your fuckin jelly jar, com on.
  11. the only thing going in my ziplock bags are turkey sandwiches..
  12. This gave me a good laugh thanks. :smoking:
  13. I suppose it depends on how much you need to cure. I find 5 gallon buckets to be perfect for curing. Of course you need to be able to fill them. Perhaps 1-3 gallon plastic buckets will work. There's a lit of dick swinging about a lot of things involving growing and curing. I'm not going to join in other than to say I can't tell the diference between mason jar cured and plastic bucket cured. Home Depot has sealable plastic paint buckets in every size you could need. I open the buckets and turn them every other day.
    works great.

    just sayin'
  14. Wait wait wait. So I can use just some large jelly jars from the fridge? I thought you specifically had to have mason jars, but I guess those are a type of mason jars.
  15. It doesnt matter what type of jar it is. If it's glass and has a lid, it will most likely work. Why would have to be some specific type of jar?
  16. lmao @ that jelly line shit lol

    For real the jars are cheap as shit at any grocery store, and if plastic bags worked so good then why do all the best growers on here use the jars? but i guess its your choice if you want great or good weed
  17. i wasn't attacking anybody. I was just saying, don't get all down and out about ur crop if u cant cure in jars. Its a big world, not everyone can afford glass jars. Plastic bags are much cheaper and easier to find. Do what you'd like, and try both before you rule one out.

    If some people would get off the damn internet and get out in the real world, you would understand that not everything is done the exact same way to achieve similar effects. its all about RESOURCES!
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    Im sorry OP, but this guy is right. I too am a grower, and for anyone out there using this thread for information.. DO NOT PUT UR DRIED HOMEGROWN IN A ZIPLOCK BAG TO CURE. Look for a couple glass jars, put your dried bud in them (only fill 3/4 the way), and let them sit for weeks or months, in the begining, open the jars once a day and let the gasses escape. A plastic bucket would work, any airtight container. But unfortunately, a plastic bag is semi-permiable, as is the zip-seal at the top of the bag.
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  20. Glass is best. Old school; 5 gallon bucket with a good lid and turkey bags. Old school always worked fine and not really any mold problems. I've had buds get moldy in glass because I get lazy and don't burp my jars enough. So my fault any way.

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