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  1. Ok so I dried my weed for 6 days and put in the jars it’s 61 humidity in the jars was 58 without the 62 boveda pack…so I don’t have to burp at all right ? Since it’s already below 62% I can seal and final cure …correct ?
  2. You still need to burp.
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  3. Once or twice a day for a week or so.
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  4. Even if the RH in the jar is solid, rotating in a few air changes will help the cure process because the bacteria involved are aerobic and require air to do their thing, difference is the jar itself is your "aeration" tank you burping is how you let the air in for the bacteria to get started.

    If you just leave the same stale air in the jar before the process is done, the bacteria don't finish their job, the smoke doesn't taste as good.

    The other main reason to burp is to try and lower RH to prevent mold, but burping is still needed to complete the reactions commonly referred to as "curing"

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  5. If u wanna skip the burping, look into grove bags, no burping required! I'll never go back to Mason jars!
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  6. Got them but don’t have a heat sealer
  7. If dried correctly over 7 days and slowly brought down to 65-62% humidity they can be put into mason jars and sealed with no burping required. I don't burp just cure for about 60 days and they are perfect IMO.

    Yes I do run a large 60 gram size 62% Boveda pack in each 1/2 gallon mason jar.



    The cold storage where they'll be stored the next 2 months isn't easy to access and I'll have more jars and no time to spend dicking around play burp the jars. It just isn't necessary.


    2022 was an excellent outdoor harvest. :)

    Edit:: Same jars and same Boveda packs for nearly 10 years.
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  8. My 5th grow is drying now, jars in a few more days. My first 2 harvests I burped religiously, twice a day the whole first month. 3rd crop was 1 -2 burps. Now I try to burp once regularly at least the first week, after that every few days seems ok. Forgetful,lazy, whatever, still getting good product
  9. Any females in ur life own a hair straightner? Does the job thats all I use, and I've also read that there's no need to heat seal if not planning a long term storage, I cant speak on this personally, I heat sealed mine for a 2 month cure, but buds are nice, tight, and green, smokes perfectly!
  10. How crispy are you’re buds When you put them in jars because mine the same kind of snap but there a little wet I assume Because after like a day of the lid shield there does have a like a claw of a phosphorus a chlorophyll and and like a hay smell greeny
  11. u know that branch 'snap' everybody says to wait for? Well if I had to wait for that 'snap' my buds would be dust yes the first few days after cutting its normal for that hay smell(it will go away) and if u think ur buds are still too wet in jar u can always take them out and let them air extra for a cpl hours or so. Now I'm still a newb myself, but heres how I go about my dry.. I hang whole for 3 days, then I cut individual branches and trim all bigger fan leaves, hang another 4 maybe 5 days before final trim, they feel pretty crispy but before I jar mine (I switched to grove bags my last grow), I like to put them in paper bags (like from a grocery store) for a few days to even moisture out, because even tho they feel dry outside theres still some moisture left inside. I bag for probably 4/5ish days until they no longer stick/settle together still burping(just open bag) like u would jars then I switch over to jars still burping and monitoring the humidity for final cure..worked for me.. but remember, what works for some may not work for another but once u get to know what works best for u and ur grow situation and u get things dialed in and u see and do it all firsthand, it becomes much less stressful..believe me, my first grow i was here with questions every other day..lmao
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  12. With Grove bags I have found that they can’t be overfilled or you will need to burp them, or fluff them a bit at least. I think it’s more due to compacting the material when using the larger bags. I only fill the one pound bags 1/2 - 2/3 full.
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  13. I agree 100%

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